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BSF 2013


Day 1
19 Sep 2013
Day 2
20 Sep 2013
Day 3
21 Sep 2013

Academic Event – Opening remarks

Speakers: Nils Ragnar Kamsvåg‚ Ambassador, The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade
Nils Ragnar Kamsvåg

Academic Event – Keynote speech, Epistemic Communities and European Security Integration

Speakers: Mai’a Cross‚ Senior Researcher at the ARENA Centre for European Studies in Oslo
Mai’a K. Davis Cross

Academic Event – Panel 1: Transformation of Diplomacy

The panel will discuss the transformation of the diplomatic profession in the European context. Holmes’s paper examines the role of personal diplomacy in international relations. Rofe and Zivojinović analyse contemporary...
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Filip Ejdus
Maja Ružić
Marcus Holmes
Jelena Cupać

Academic Event – Panel 2: Transformation of Security Professions in the Balkans

This panel will focus on transformation of traditional security related professions in the Balkans, such as the military, diplomacy and police. Jonathan Marley investigates military reforms in Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina...
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Milada Vachudova
Jonathan Marley
Cvete Koneska
Arjan Dyrmishi

Academic Event – Panel 3: Security professions Beyond the State

In this final panel, discussion about the transformation of international security related professions move beyond the state. Jelle Leunis will map the impact of this restructuring of the armed forces...
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Hilde Haug
Ida Orzechowska
Branka Marijan
Jelle Leunis
Peter Gill

Transatlantic Trends Report 2013

Organised by the Balkan Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States Transatlantic Trends is a project of the German Marshall Fund of the...
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H.E. Michael D. Kirby
Biljana Dakić Đorđević
Srđan Bogosavljević
Nenad Radičević

Official Reception

Speakers: Maja Bobić‚ Secretary General, European Movement in Serbia Sonja Stojanović Gajić‚ Director, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy
Maja Bobić
Sonja Stojanović Gajić

Session 1: Overcoming the Gaps in Security Cooperation in the Western Balkans

(in partnership with the Research Council of Norway) In this panel, we want to take a critical look at security cooperation practices and evaluate how regional interactions could be further...
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Kenan Dautović
Sonja Stojanović Gajić
Florian Qehaja
Jelica Minić
Arjan Dyrmishi
Dženita Brčvak

Session 2: New Model of State Emerging from the Economic Crisis

Discussion topics: To what extent are modern states influenced by the economic crisis? Critical issues: structure, functionality, effectiveness and democratic representation. The severity of the current crisis in some countries...
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Almut Möller
Maja Bobić
Piotr Świtalski
Vladislav Inozemtsev
William Bartlett

Session 3: Regional Cooperation and Reconciliation in the Western Balkans: Continuation or Stalemate

(in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence and Sports of the Republic of Austria) Discussion topics: Has regional cooperation become the responsibility of regional actors or is it still mainly...
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Valbona Zeneli
Johann Pucher
Predrag Jureković
Franz Lothar Altman

Session 4: Global Civics in the World in Crisis

(in cooperation with the Global Civics Academy) For the last two hundred years, human beings have increased their control over their lives through technology and democracy. We have become increasingly...
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Sonja Licht
Markus Jaeger
Daniel R. Fung
Elizabeth Filippouli
Hakan Altinay

Session 5: The Visegrad Group: Exploring the New Synergies with the Western Balkans

(in partnership with the Slovak Atlantic Commission, International Centre for Democratic Transition and Jagello 2000) Discussion topics: How the Visegrad Group could become more relevant and effective force multipliers of...
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Milan Nič
Tomasz Żornaczuk
Imre Varga
Roman Hloben
Ivana Hlavsová

Welcoming speech

Speakers: Sonja Licht‚ President, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence
Sonja Licht

Opening Panel: State Building and European Integration – Mutually Reinforcing or Contradicting Processes?

(in partnership with the Slovak Atlantic Commission) Discussion topics: The new format for EU accession negotiations is recognized as fundamentally a state building process. How does this correspond with the...
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Tim Judah
H.E. Miroslav Lajčák
Branko Ružić
H.E. Julian Braithwaite

Plenary panel 1: Helsinki Plus 40: Strengthening the Security Community to Meet Current Security Challenges

(in partnership with the Swiss FDFA in the context of the upcoming Swiss Chairmanship of the OSCE) Discussion topics: How much is the OSCE still relevant for confidence-building within the...
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Aleksandar Vučić
Richard Thompson
Andrew Michels
Adam Kobieracki
Heidi Grau

Plenary panel 2: Gender at the Margins: The Role of State

(in partnership with DCAF) The role of the state is to facilitate and ensure the organizational and operational development of the security sector in line with democratic principles. This includes...
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Daniel de Torres
Elisabeth Nauclér
Tanja Miščević
Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović
Valerie Evans

Session 6: A Comparative Perspective of the International Reconciliation Models: How Similar, How Different?

Discussion topics: Is there a “universal principle” for reconciliation? If not, is there at least a “one fits all” set of principles which can be applied in any place, at...
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Nenad Šebek
Sławomir Debski
Andi Balla
Nora Ahmetaj

Session 7: Assuring Cyber-Security in the Western Balkans and the Rest of Europe: Roles and Responsibilities of Institutions, Industry and Users?

(in cooperation with DCAF) Almost every day we hear about new challenges to cyber-security which mean that nowadays even experts find it difficult to keep up to date with the...
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Jovan Kurbalija
Predrag Tasevski
Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones
Franz-Stefan Gady
Alexander Klimburg

Session 8: Rethinking the EU’s Mediterranean Policies: Europe’s Security Shortcomings

Discussion topics: Where do the EU’s Mediterranean Policies now stand? Is the Union for the Mediterranean project still a European priority? Will Mediterranean cooperation survive violent regime changes in the...
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Despina Syrri
Elizabeth Sidiropoulos
Jean-Daniel Ruch
Dimitar Bechev
Josef Teboho Ansorge

Session 9: Serbia and Kosovo*: A Game Changer in the Balkans?

(in cooperation with the Council for Inclusive Governance) Discussion topics: Why were the Brussels agreements possible? What is the impact of the Brussels Agreement on the Western Balkans (on or...
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Alex N. Grigorev
Oliver Ivanović
Arbër Vllahiu
Zoran Ostojić
Leon Malazogu
Dukagjin Gorani
Marko Đurić

Special Evening Talk: Iran After Elections: International Prospects

Discussion topics: Three months down the road, what is the impact of the June 14 election for the domestic situation in Iran, as well as on the future direction of...
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Dr. Seyed Vahid Karimi
Boško Jakšić

Session 10: Energy Security in SEE – Connecting or Dividing?

(in cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden) Discussion topics: Is there a consensus around a more multidimensional conception of energy security? How much autonomy in designing energy...
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Karsten Friis
Gerald Stang
John M. Roberts
Predrag Grujičić
Ali Biniaz

Session 11:Human Security in Kosovo*

(in cooperation with the Council for Inclusive Governance) Discussion topics: What is the state of human security in Kosovo? What aspects need immediate attention? What are the most threatening current...
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Alex N. Grigorev
Jasmina Živković
Besa Shahini
Engjellushe Morina
Ivana Milosavljević

Session 12: Corruption and Informality – Have the Developed Democracies and Part of Balkans Learned to Tame Them?

Discussion topics: What it a ‘normal’ level of informality in day-to-day decision-making in public administration and when does it become a danger for good governance? The rules and institutions for...
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Sašo Ordanoski
Valbona Zeneli
Milada Vachudova
Sonja Stojanović Gajić
Peter Gill

Session 13: NATO Facing the Unpredictable Challenges: Is New Security Architecture Transformed Enough?

(in cooperation with the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Belgrade, NATO Contact Point Embassy) Over its 60 years of existence, NATO has confirmed its ability to adapt to new...
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Tomaš Valašek
Barbora Maronkova
Arjan Dyrmishi
Selmo Cikotić
Erik Baktai

Closing panel: The Balkans 2020

(in partnership with the Balkan Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States) Questions: Which region are we talking about following Croatia’s accession to...
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Remzi Lani
Ana Trišić-Babić
Boris Tadić
Goran Svilanović
Jacques Rupnik
Franco Frattini
Dejan Anastasijević

Closing address

Speakers: Sonja Licht‚ President, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence Maja Bobić‚ Secretary General, European Movement in Serbia Sonja Stojanović Gajić‚ Director, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, Belgrade
Sonja Licht
Maja Bobić
Sonja Stojanović Gajić

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