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Academic Event – Panel 1: Transformation of Diplomacy

Academic Event – Panel 1: Transformation of Diplomacy

The panel will discuss the transformation of the diplomatic profession in the European context. Holmes’s paper examines the role of personal diplomacy in international relations. Rofe and Zivojinović analyse contemporary diplomatic practice and contemplate a future for diplomacy beyond the state, or at least the consolidation of a post-modern state, with far less identifiable attributes of a state than the Westphalian model suggests. Cupac and Ruzic aim to examine the diplomatic practices of European Union in recent negotiation process between Serbia and Kosovo.


Plus ça Change: The Changing Character of Diplomacy in International Security?

Marcus Holmes


Logic of Practicality: (Un)Changing Nature of the EU Diplomatic Practices

Maja Ruzic and Jelena Cupac



Filip Ejdus