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BSF 2012


Day 1
20 Sep 2012
Day 2
21 Sep 2012
Day 3
22 Sep 2012

Academic Event – Welcome remarks

Speakers: Miroslav Hadzic‚ professor, Faculty of Political Sciences‚ University of Belgrade
Miroslav Hadžić

Academic Event – Keynote speech no 1: The Ethics of Trust and Regional Security

Speakers: Thierry Balzacq‚ The University of Edinburgh
Thierry Balzacq

Academic Event – Panel no.1 Security Community in the Western Balkans: past, present, future

The past is not yet over: Remembrance, justice and security community in the Western Balkans Jelena Subotic‚ Assistant Professor at Department of Political Science, Georgia State University, USA   Regional Security...
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Marko Žilović
Jelena Subotić
Rebecca J. Cruise
Anton Bebler
Danko Aleksić

Academic Event – Keynote speech no 2

Speakers: Dimitar Bechev‚ European Studies Centre, St Antony’s College
Dimitar Bechev

Academic Event – Panel no.2 Professional Practices of Security Community Building in the Western Balkans

Towards Security Community in Western Balkans: Bosnia and Herzegovina Military’s Perspective Kenan Dautovic‚ Associate Professor at the Department for Security and Peace Studies, Faculty of Political Science, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia...
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Cvete Koneska
Zrinka Vučinović
Arjan Dyrmishi
Kenan Dautović
Maja Bjeloš

Academic Event – Panel no.3 Communities of Security Practices in the Age of Uncertainty

Harnessing Serbian Civilian Capacity for Peace Support Operations: A Nascent Community of Practice John Karlsrud‚ Research Fellow at Norwegian Institute of International Relations, Oslo, Norway   Sea Breeze: Piracy, Communities of...
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Jelica Stefanović-Štambuk
Marko Kovačević
John Karlsrud
Alexandra Gheciu
Christian Bueger

Official Reception (hosted by UN Women and UNDP/SEESAC)

(Upon separate invitation) Speakers: Erika Kvapilova‚ Regional Programme Director‚ UN Women Sonja Licht‚ President‚ Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence Maja Bobić‚ Secretary General‚ European Movement in Serbia
Sonja Licht
Erika Kvapilová
Maja Bobić

Session 1: UNSCR 1325 in the Region: Translating Policy into Practice (in parthenrship with UN Women)

Speakers: Osnat Lubrani‚ Resident Representative‚ UNDP Kosovo Avgustina Tzvetkova‚ Deputy Minister‚ Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria Gordana Čomić‚ National Assembly Member‚ Republic of Serbia Irena Bošković‚ Coordinator,...
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Avgustina Tzvetkova
Mario Masdea
Osnat Lubrani
Gordana Čomić
Irena Bošković

Session 2: Frozen conflicts or Frozen Lives?

Speakers: Bogdan Aurescu‚ State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania James Ker-Lindsay‚ Professor, London School of Economics and Political Sciences Thomas de Waal‚ Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment Sinan Ulgen‚...
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Sinan Ülgen
Peter Shirlow
James Ker-Lindsay
Thomas de Waal
Bogdan Aurescu
Dragan Štavljanin

Session 3: Cyber War and Cyber Crime: Responding to the Governance Challenges (in partnership with DCAF)

Speakers: Amb. Theodor H. Winkler‚ Director‚ DCAF Alexander Klimburg‚ Senior Adviser, Österreichische Institut für Internationale Politik Stéphane Koch‚ Advisor and Lecturer‚ Information Technology and Communication Branko Stamenković‚ Special Prosecutor, Member...
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Karsten Friis
Amb. Theodor H. Winkler
Branko Stamenković
Vladimir Radunović
Stéphane Koch
Alexander Klimburg

Keynote Speech

Speakers: H.E. Ivica Dačić‚ Prime Minister and Minister of Interior‚ Republic of Serbia
H.E. Ivica Dačić

Opening Panel: New Paradigm of the Region: Are the Balkans Finally a Success Story?

Speakers: H.E. Miroslav Lajčak‚ Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs‚ Slovakia Aleksandar Vučić‚ First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence‚ Republic of Serbia Jiří Schneider‚ First Deputy...
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Aleksandar Vučić
Amb. Theodor H. Winkler
Ana Trišić-Babić
Jiří Schneider
Tanja Miščević
H.E. Miroslav Lajčák

Plenary Panel 1: Is there an Exit out of the European Crisis of Economy and Democracy? (in partnership with the Slovak Atlantic Commission)

Speakers: Suzana Grubješić‚ Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration‚ Republic of Serbia Ulrike Guérot‚ Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Berlin Office, European Council on Foreign Relations Sinan Ulgen‚...
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Bruce Jackson
Sinan Ülgen
Suzana Grubješić
Hugo Brady
Ulrike Guérot
13:30 - 15:00

Networking lunch

Lunch-hour Discussion: Mission Possible – How Can a Civil Society Organisation Influence SSR in the Country in Transition?

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP), one of co-founders and organisers of BSF, BSF will host an informal panel on how to...
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Sonja Stojanović
Saša Janković
Miroslav Hadžić
Timothy Edmunds

Session 4: Crisis and Opportunity: An Unfinished Peace in Kosovo (co-organised with the Council for Inclusive Governance)

Speakers: Stefan Lehne‚ Visiting Scholar, Carnegie Europe Oliver Ivanović‚ Former State Secretary, Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija‚ Republic of Serbia Agron Bajrami‚ Editor-in-Chief, Koha Ditore Spyros Economides‚ European Institute, London...
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Stefan Lehne
Oliver Ivanović
Alex N. Grigorev
Spyros Economides
Agron Bajrami

Session 5: The Nordic Model of Cooperation on Foreign and Security Policy

Speakers: Sverre Jervell‚ Senior Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs‚ Kingdom of Norway H.E. Christer Asp‚ Ambassador‚ Embassy of Sweden in Serbia Allan R. Jacobsen‚ Head of International Department‚ Ministry of...
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Jovan Teokarević
Sverre Jervell
Allan R. Jacobsen
H.E. Christer Asp
H.E. Milan Simurdić

Session 6: Fighting the Financial Crisis: the Eurozone and Beyond

Speakers: Almut Möller‚ Head of Program, Alfred Von Oppenheim Centre for European Policy Studies, German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) Yves Bertoncini‚ Secretary General‚ Notre Europe Hugo Brady‚ Senior Research...
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Kori Udovički
Almut Möller
Duško Lopandić
Hugo Brady
Yves Bertoncini

Thematic discussion 1: New Energy Partnerships: Is Energy Security a Source of Concern or an Anchor of Stability?

Speakers: Goran Svilanović‚ Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities Aleksandar Kovačević‚ Senior Visiting Research Fellow‚ Oxford Institute for Energy Studies Peter Marčan‚ Analyst, Energy Security Institute, Slovakia‚ (Moderator)
Goran Svilanović
Peter Marčan
Aleksandar Kovačević

Thematic discussion 2: China’s New Role in a World in Crisis

Speakers: Kerry Brown‚ Head of Asia Programme‚ Chatham House Dragana Mitrović‚ Professor, Faculty of Political Sciences‚ University of Belgrade Christopher Coker‚ Professor, London School of Economics and Political Sciences Bojan...
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Christopher Coker
Dragana Mitrović
Kerry Brown
Bojan Brkić

Thematic discussion 3: Migration and the Future of European Identity

Speakers: Markus Jaeger‚ Head of Legislative Support and National Human Rights Structures Division, DG of Human Rights and Legal Affairs‚ Council of Europe Saša Janković‚ Ombudsman‚ Republic of Serbia Despina...
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Despina Syrri
Vladimir Petronijević
Saša Janković
Markus Jaeger
Tim Judah

Special Networking Meeting (hosted by UNDP/SEESAC)

Launch of the “Guidelines for Gender Sensitive Policing Practice with a Particular Focus on Recruitment, Selection and Professional Development of Women Police Officers” UNDP/SEESAC supported Women Police Officers Network in South...
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Ivan Zverzhanovski
Jelena Vasiljević

Presentation of the policy brief: The Visegrad Group: Exploring New Agenda for the Western Balkans (co-organised with the Slovak Atlantic Commission)

On the margin of the Forum, policy brief entitled “The Visegrad Group: Exploring New Agenda for the Western Balkans” will be presented. The policy brief is a part of the...
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Tomasz Żornaczuk
Milan Nič
István Gyarmati

Pre-premier: The Second Meeting (Crystal Ballroom)

Pre-premier of the movie “The Second Meeting” will be held at the Cystal Ballroom. Director/Producer: Željko Mirković Production: Optimistic Film

Plenary Panel 2: The Consequences of the Crisis for Human Security at Home and Abroad (in partnership with UNDP/SEESAC)

Speakers: Mary Kaldor‚ Professor, London School of Economics and Political Sciences Amb. István Gyarmati‚ President and CEO, International Centre for Democratic Transition Remzi Lani‚ Director, Albanian Media Institute Radwan Ziadeh‚...
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Radwan Ziadeh
Mary Kaldor
Ivan Vejvoda
Remzi Lani
István Gyarmati

Plenary Panel 3: Women and the Crisis: Is there a Different Approach to Confronting Challenges? (in partnership with UN Women)

Speakers: Sonja Lokar‚ Coordinator, CEE Network for Gender Issues Alaa Murabit‚ Founder and President, The Voice of Lybian Women Ismat Jahan‚ Ambassador‚ CEDAW expert Erika Kvapilova‚ Regional Programme Director‚ UN...
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Sonja Stojanović
Alaa Murabit
Sonja Lokar
Ismat Jahan
Erika Kvapilová

Closing Address

Speakers: Sonja Licht‚ President‚ Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence
Sonja Licht

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