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Belgrade Security Forum 2013 Conference Summary

Belgrade Security Forum 2013 Conference Summary is now available.

The organisers are pleased that the third Forum was again a fruitful ground for exchanging ideas and different points of view on global and regional security issues between various stakeholders, including 100 discussants, 20 young scientists and over 500 domestic and foreign senior officials from European countries, representatives of the European Union, NATO, scientific and research institutes, civil society, parliamentarians and journalists.

This year’s forum also experienced extensive media coverage, including 213 media outlets, reported by 55 international, regional and local journalists and reporters.

Belgrade Security Forum 2013 Conference Summary is now available and you can download it here.

This event echoed throughout the region and Europe sending the message that Western Balkans countries are devoted to resolving security issues in a peaceful manner. By offering opportunities to debate on various topics under the security umbrella the Belgrade Security Forum has laid the foundations for a new understanding of security in the Balkans and fulfilled its initial ambition for turning this event into a high-level regional hub for policy dialogue. This contributed to the considerable increase of the policy-shaping potential of the event.

However, the ambition of the Belgrade Security Forum does not come to an end with creating space for interesting and thought-provoking discussions. Organisers are making considerable efforts to spread the brightest and most remarkable ideas and opinions from the Forum and in this way we want, in the long term, to contribute to the European security perspective by shaping the regional strategic debate.