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Key messages from the third day of the 11th Belgrade Security Forum

BSF panel 10: Region-to-region cooperation – opportunities for the Central and Southeastern Europe: Cooperation between regions is even more important in nowadays world which is subordinated to the process of globalization. Regional economic cooperation is not a zero-sum game as it brings much-added value.


BSF panel 11: China and Serbia – strategic investment?: There is no inherently bad investment, domestic agents are the ones responsible to prevent potentially harmful influences through the implementation of national normative frameworks. The question is what types of investments and business culture do you want to promote.


BSF panel 12: Kosovo-Serbia relations: the circle of (dis)trust and (un)equality: Everyone knows that the major point of disagreement is the final status of Kosovo, which cannot be resolved in due course because of Serbia’s stance. Instead, we should meet the community demands, as both Belgrade and Pristina are ignorant of their needs.


BSF closing event – How the world is changing: Maybe we should get rid of the concept of “the West”, and the countries that should work together are the ones that are firmly based on the platform that respects human rights and international law. Germany also needs to expand on its current role.