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Session 9: Serbia and Kosovo*: A Game Changer in the Balkans?

Session 9: Serbia and Kosovo*: A Game Changer in the Balkans?

(in cooperation with the Council for Inclusive Governance)

Discussion topics:

  • Why were the Brussels agreements possible?
  • What is the impact of the Brussels Agreement on the Western Balkans (on or to the WB)?
  • How can their full implementation and their acceptance by the population on the ground be ensured?
  • Is it possible to move from these mediated agreements to direct cooperation?
  • Where is cooperation between Serbia and Kosovo especially necessary?
  • Is it possible to move toward genuine normalization of relations? What would normalization mean in practice?
  • Is it possible for Priština and Belgrade to have normal bilateral relations without recognition?
  • Is it possible for Kosovo and Serbia to join the EU without recognition?


Marko Đurić‚ Foreign Policy Adviser to the President of Serbia

Arbër Vllahiu‚ Senior Political Advisor for Media and Public Relations/Spokesperson and Chief of Staff of the President of Republic of Kosovo*

Zoran Ostojić‚ MP, National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia

Dukagjin Gorani‚ Director, Liberal Democratic Institute, Kosovo*

Oliver Ivanović‚ Former State Secretary, Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija

Leon Malazogu‚ Executive Director, Democracy for Development, Kosovo*

Alex N. Grigorev‚ President, Council for Inclusive Governance (Moderator)