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BSF 2014


Day 1
30 Sep 2014
Day 2
01 Oct 2014
Day 3
02 Oct 2014

Academic Event – Keynote Speech, I Remember When Russia Was a Great Power

Speakers: Keynote Speaker‚ Iver Neumann
Iver Neumann

Academic Event – Panel 1: Theorizing Memory/Security Nexus

Ontological Security in Cases of Diaspora, Conflict, and Collective Memory of Trauma Alexandria Innes   Abstract: The political influence of diaspora populations has been widely studied (for example, see King...
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Filip Ejdus
Ayşe Zarakol
Hans Mouritzen
Urban Jakša
Jelena Subotić
Alexandria Innes

Academic Event – Panel 2: Memory and Historical Analogies in World Politics

Historical Analogies and Making (Non)sense of the “Rise of the Rest” Ayse Zarakol   Abstract: In the last decade, much ink has been spent on the issue of ‘rising powers’...
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Orli Fridman
Jelena Subotić
Dominika Wozniak
Elizaveta Gaufman
Ayşe Zarakol

Academic Event – Panel 3: Memory and (in) Security in the Former Yugoslavia

Mediating International and Domestic Demands: State-sponsored Memory Projects in Serbia Lea David Abstract: Just as norm-complying states adapt their practices to expected behaviors, post-conflict states are forced to adapt their...
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Petra Roter
Aleksandar Sazdovski
Kalina Yordanova
Lea David
Jim Seroka

Transatlantic Trends Report 2014

Organised by the Balkan Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States Transatlantic Trends is an annual survey of U.S. and European public opinion...
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Gordana Delić
H.E. Giuseppe Manzo
H.E. Michael Davenport
H.E. Michael D. Kirby
Constanze Stelzenmüller
Goran Svilanović

Official Reception

Speakers: Sonja Stojanović Gajić‚ Director, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy Maja Bobić‚ Secretary General, European Movement in Serbia
Maja Bobić
Sonja Stojanović Gajić

Session 1: Between Mobilisation and Isolation: EU and Migration Trends

(in cooperation with the Fund for an Open Society in Serbia) Discussion Topics: What are the responses to the refugee crisis in Europe’s neighbourhood, from countries that take in refugees...
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Ivana Krstić
Despina Syrri
Vladimir Petronijević
Amb. Piotr Świtalski

Session 2: The Essential Need to Cooperate: Multi-stakeholders, National and/or Regional Cooperation for Cyber-Security in the Western Balkans

(in partnership with the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control and Armed Forces DCAF) Background: Given the global nature of the Internet, efforts at improving Internet governance, including efforts to...
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Vladimir Radunović
Slobodan Marković
Joanna Świątkowska
Franz-Stefan Gady

Session 3: The OSCE 40 Years after the Helsinki Accords

Discussion Topics: What remains of the original Helsinki agenda? Which of the original OSCE norms (Helsinki Final Act, The Charter of Paris etc.) still enjoy consensus among its member states?...
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Andrei Zagorski
Amb. István Gyarmati
Amb. Fred Tanner
Amb. Gérard Stoudmann
Sonja Stojanović Gajić

Session 4: EU Enlargement: Picking Up the Pieces?

(in cooperation with the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia) Ten years after the 2004 enlargement the EU now has 28 Member States; 13 new member...
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Steven Blockmans
Theresia Töglhofer
Vessela Tcherneva
Amb. Ivan Jestřáb
Maja Bobić

Welcoming Speech

Speakers: Sonja Licht‚ President, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence
Sonja Licht

Keynote Speech

Speakers: H.E. Aleksandar Vučić‚ Prime Minister, Government of the Republic of Serbia
H.E. Aleksandar Vučić

Plenary Panel 1: Opening the New Strategic Debate Between Transatlantic and Eurasian Agendas

(in partnership with the Balkan Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States) Discussion Topics: In 2014 is the world entering a new Cold...
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Remzi Lani
Shada Islam
Vladimir Baranovsky
Adam Rotfeld
François Heisbourg
Karen Donfried

Plenary Panel 2: The EU and its Peripheries

In partnership with the Robert Bosch Stiftung Instability and poverty in large parts of the world, and more specifically in areas known by the very Eurocentric epithet ‘European peripheries’ are...
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Dejan Jović
Mats Persson
Ivan Krastev
Sinan Ülgen
Dušan Šiđanski
Tanja Miščević
Elmar Brok
H.E. Michael Davenport

Academic Event – Doctoral Seminar on Methodology

On the second day of the BSF, Prof. Dr. Iver Neumann Montague Burton Professor at London School of Economics and also Researcher at Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) will...
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Prof. Iver Neumann, LSE

Plenary Panel 3: Could 1325 Be a New Frame of Reference: From Local to Global and Back

(with the support of Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces) UN Security Council Resolution 1325 will turn 15 in 2015. The resolution, sponsored by a globally diverse...
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Amb. Miroslava Beham
Constanze Stelzenmüller
Daniel de Torres
Elisabeth Nauclér

Evening Panel: Serbs and Albanians in 2025 as Friends and Allies: How do We Get There?

(in partnership with the Council for Inclusive Governance) Discussion Topics: Serbia and Kosovo are neighbors. Despite their fundamental disagreements today and tragic recent history, is it possible to move away...
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Amb. Ernst Reichel
Marko Đurić
Samuel Žbogar
Alex N. Grigorev
Besa Shahini
Gordana Čomić
Agron Bajrami

Special Side Event:Visegrad Experience for the Western Balkans: NGO Support for Key Reforms

During negotiations the EU pays special attention to chapters 23 and 24: Justice and Home Affairs. Nevertheless, under political criteria, cooperation between the government and civil society of an aspiring...
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Tomasz Żornaczuk
Jovana Marović
Goce Kocevski
Marko Savković

Special Side Event: Civilian Capacities for Peace Operations – Case of Western Balkans

Discussion Topics: Why are civilian capacities (CIVCAP) for peace operations important? What are the incentives for the use of CIVCAP in peace operations? What are the national niches for civilian...
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Marko Milošević
John Karlsrud
Andreja Bogdanovski
Foto Duro
Marko Sošić
Emsad Dizdarević
Gordan Bosanac

Academic Event – Method Café Sessions

Following the best practices from the BSF 2013, this year’s Academic event will be complemented with an additional program for PhD students and other interested researchers entitled the Method Café....
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Dr. Hans Mouritzen, DIIS
Prof. Iver Neumann, LSE
Jelena Subotić

Session 5: Rethinking Energy Security: Balancing Concerns, Managing Expectations

(GLOBSEC Debate in partnership with the Slovak Atlantic Commission) The issue of international energy security is one of the top political issues at the moment in the whole of Europe. The...
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Dušan Reljić
Michal Briatka
Oliver Joachim Rolofs
Rovshan Ibrahimov
Julian Popov
Aleksandar Kovačević

Session 6: Regional Prospects of the Joint Crisis Intervention

Discussion Topics: What are the common lessons and country-specific insights learned from the 2014 flood crisis? What are the best practices for building population resilience? What is the ‘added value’...
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Zoran Stanojević
Dejan Komatina
Želimir Kešetović
Ivana Ljubojević
Predrag Marić

Session 7: Will the Outcome of the Ukrainian Crisis Determine a New Path for Europe and Beyond?

Discussion Topics: How much has the European Order been challenged since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine? Is there a way back? How much can the gap in leadership...
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Žarko Puhovski
Valbona Zeneli
Franco Frattini
Tim Judah
Dimitar Bechev
Dejan Anastasijević

Session 8: Global Civics for/by a Global Youth?

(in cooperation with the Global Civics Academy) For the first time in human history, 20-year-olds around the world share as many interests with each other as they do with the...
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Hakan Altinay
Wallace Chwala
Giselle Laffont
Anna Kiefer
Divya Arya

Plenary Panel 4: Is It Time For a New Balkans Commission

(in partnership with the European Fund for the Balkans) In 2005, the International Commission on the Balkans, established under the initiative of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the King Baudouin Foundation,...
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Vedran Džihić
Jacques Rupnik
Giuliano Amato
Hedvig Morvai
Dejan Jović
Amb. István Gyarmati
Goran Svilanović
Ivan Vejvoda

Closing Address

Speakers: Sonja Licht‚ President, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence Maja Bobić‚ Secretary General, European Movement in Serbia Sonja Stojanović Gajić‚ Director, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy
Maja Bobić
Sonja Stojanović Gajić
Sonja Licht

Academic Event – Career Development

This year’s BSF Academic event will be followed by a new type of session called Career Development Café. With the same structure and the same target group as the Method...
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Dejan Guzina
Ayşe Zarakol

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