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BSF 2016


Day 1
12 Oct 2016
Day 2
13 Oct 2016
Day 3
14 Oct 2016

Welcoming Speech

Speakers: Sonja Stojanović Gajić‚ Director, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy
Sonja Stojanović Gajić

Keynote Speech

Speakers: Sergio Carrera‚ Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Justice and Home Affairs Programme, Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)
Sergio Carrera

Academic Event Panel 1: Migrant and Refugee Crisis: Contesting the EU Normative Power

Migrants, the EU and NGOs: A preliminary investigation of recent trends and future perspectives Daniela Irrera, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Catania, Italy...
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Nemanja Džuverović
Ralph Wilde
Leonhard Den Hertog
Stevan Tatalović
Julia Himmrich
Daniela Irrera

Academic Event Panel 2: Looking beyond Migration: Challenges to Integration in Host Countries

Turkey as the gatekeeper: between ontological security and physical insecurity Natalia Piotrowska, PhD Candidate and Teaching Assistant, Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of Kent Abstract: Turkey, due...
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Biljana Đorđević
Jim Seroka
Marika Djolai
Artur Gruszczak
Giacomo Bazzani
Natalia Piotrowska

Academic Event Panel 3: Reinventing Walls and Fortresses: Human Rights in The Age of Migration

International Human Rights Treaties versus Bilateral Readmission Agreements: Implications for Refugees and Illegalized Immigrants Hallee Caron, PhD candidate and Teaching Assistant, Department of Political Science, University of California, Irvine Abstract: ...
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Ralph Wilde
Marko Kovačević
Tatjana Papić
Olga Mitrović
Senada Šelo Šabić
Hallee Caron

Expert Panel Discussion: Enhancing the Participation of Civilian Experts from Southeastern European Countries in Peace Operations

(Upon separate invitations only) (organised by Belgrade Center for Security Policy)   Discussion Topics: Why are civilian capacities (CIVCAP) for peace operations important? What are the incentives for the use...
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Sokol Bega
Sebastian Dworack
Gordan Bosanac
Ivana Boštjančič Pulko

Academic Event – “SALUS” Award – for the best policy papers in the field of Security Studies

The “SALUS” award was founded in 2015 as a prize to be awarded to the best policy papers dealing with security policies, written by the students of the University of...
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Special Event: Enlargement Moving beyond Europe’s Fatigue and Bilateral Disputes

(in partnership with the European Fund for the Balkans Discussion Points: Back in Top 10: where is the enlargement on the EU agenda? EU Enlargement or Isolation: how are the...
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Ivana Dragičević
Nikolaos Tzifakis
Zoltán Pogátsa
Goran Svilanović
Catherine Wendt
Srđan Cvijić

Session 1: Democracy’s Responses to Populism and Internal Radicalization

Chatham House Rule Discussion Points: What are the major causes of the recent right-wing populist surge in Europe? What should be done to stop the further mainstreaming of the far-right?...
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Valbona Zeneli
Mats Persson
Alastair Crooke
Álvaro de Vasconcelos
Sasha Havliček

Session 2: The Belgrade – Pristina Dialogue and the EU Future

Discussion Points: How is the current dialogue helping the EU future of Belgrade and Prishtina? Seems that the EU and the sides are doing not enough. What else could be...
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Alex Roinishvili Grigorev
Naim Rashiti
Pierre Mirel
Gordana Čomić
Tanja Miščević

Session 3: Propaganda and Strategic Communications: Experience of EU and Višegrad Countries

(in partnership with GLOBSEC with the support of the International Visegrad Fund) Discussion Points:   What are the key differences between propaganda and disinformation campaign in the modern world? What is...
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Andrej Matišák
Jakub Janda
Ruslan Deynychenko
Amb. Daniel Schaer

Welcoming Speech

Speakers: Sonja Licht‚ President, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence
Sonja Licht

GRAND OPENING: The Future of Albanian-Serbian Relations and the Stability of South East Europe

Discussion Points: Albania and Serbia: substantial or superficial cooperation? What is the way forward for Albanian-Serbian relations? Why are the Albanian-Serbian relations important for the stability of South East European...
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Misha Glenny
Edi Rama
H.E. Aleksandar Vučić

SPECIAL EVENT: Ten years on: Serbia, NATO and the Partnership for Peace

Speakers: Ivica Dačić‚ First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Zoran Đorđević‚ Minister of Defence, Government of Republic of Serbia James Appathurai‚ Deputy...
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James Appathurai
Zoran Đorđević
Ivica Dačić
Ivan Vejvoda

Plenary panel 1: The Great Migration of our times? The Balkans piece in the European puzzle

Discussion Points: Does the current migration and refugee crisis mark the end of the EU as a “Community of values”? How will the current crisis affect the relations between the...
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Bojan Brkić
Ahmet Evin
Amb. István Gyarmati
Elizabeth Collett
Rosa Balfour
Irena Vojačkova-Sollorano
Vladimir Petronijević

Plenary panel 2: The New European Security Strategy: EU in a global world and its transatlantic partners

(in partnership with the Balkan Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States)   Discussion Points: The EU response to global crises: a strong...
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Gordana Delić
Richard Whitman
Bruno Maçães
Amb. Cameron Munter
Antonio Missiroli
François Heisbourg
Thomas Bagger

Academic Event – Method, Career, and Networking Café

Following the best practices from the previous three years, this year’s Academic event will be complemented with an additional program for PhD students and other interested researchers entitled the Method,...
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Daniela Irrera
James Ker Lindsay
Jim Seroka

Plenary panel 3: Addressing Political instability and Weak Institutions in South East Europe

Discussion Points: What will be the consequences of BREXIT for Southeastern Europe? How does the expected postponement of EU enlargement affect candidate countries in the region of the Balkans? What...
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Judy Dempsey
Alida Vračić
Žarko Puhovski
Remzi Lani
James Ker Lindsay
Thanos Dokos
Maciej Popowski
Sinan Ülgen

Session 6: Europe and the New Silk Road: Opportunities at Home and Beyond

(in partnership with Centre for International Relations and Sustainable Development – CIRSD) Discussion Points: What is the New Silk Road and China’s views on Europe within it?  Is the New...
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Moderator: Damjan Krnjević Mišković
Jasna Plevnik
Zhang Qi
Amb. Cameron Munter

Session 4: Two-speed cyber security in the Western Balkans?

(In partnership with Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF)) Discussion Points: How do the existing strategic and legal frameworks for cyber security perform in practice: what...
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Franziska Klopfer
Nebojša Jokić
Vladimir Radunović
Olivera Injac
Robert Kosla, Lt. Col. (Ret.)

Session 5: Walking the thin line: democracy and security

(in cooperation with Open Society European Policy Institute) Discussion Points: What are typical/most common strategies used to curtail the democratic governance over the security sectors in Europe? What are critical...
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Moderator: Marta Martinelli
André Hahn
Kostis Papaioannou
Theo Koritzinsky
Sonja Stojanović Gajić

Meeting: Follow Us: Women Promoting Peace and Security

(Organised by OSCE Mission to Serbia) Background To support the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, the OSCE Mission to Serbia and the OSCE Mission in Kosovo launched in 2012 the...
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Moderator: Sonja Lokar
Jeta Krasniqi
Dubravka Filipovski
Emilia Redžepi
Dijana Vukomanović

A conversation with Ivan Vejvoda: The German Marshall Fund’s Young Transatlantic Network

(organised by Balkan Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States) TOPIC: Confronting Multiple Challenges: What is the Future of Transatlantic Relations? In an increasingly interconnected...
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Ivan Vejvoda

Post Paris, Post BREXIT – Perspectives for the Western Balkans

(Organised by CIFE in cooperation with CFA / ÖFZ, IAI and the Balkans in Europe Policy Advisors Group (BiEPAG), with the support of the German Foreign Office / Stability Pact...
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Moderator:Florent Marciacq
Dušan Reljić
Eleonora Poli
Hedvig Morvai

Session 7: What Choices for Countries in Between in an Increasingly Divided Europe?

(In partnership with European Council on Foreign Relations-ECFR)  Chatham House Rule Discussion Points:   Is it possible for neutral countries to separate military neutrality from the political, and if so,...
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Moderator: Filip Ejdus
Francisco de Borja Lasheras
Dejan Jović
Selmo Cikotić
Amb. Ivo Visković
Vessela Tcherneva

Session 8: Opening Democracy for Citizens: Open Government Partnership

(in partnership with UNDP Regional Centre for Europe and the CIS) Chatham House Rule Discussion Points Is it too early in the game? Or have new forms of control already...
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Moderator: Shelley Inglis
Goran Buldioski
Đorđe Krivokapić
Tin Geber
Eleanor Stewart

Session 9: Owners and Editors: the Role of Free Speech in Modern Democracy

(in partnership with the OSCE Mission to Serbia) Discussion Points: If media mirrors a society, what is the current state of media telling us about today’s societies? Has the role...
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Moderator: Ljubica Gojgić
Marius Dragomir
Sašo Ordanoski
Tamara Skrozza
Remzi Lani

Plenary panel 4: Will Civil Society Save Democratic Values?

In partnership with the Open Society Institutes’ Think tank Fund)   Discussion Points: In the situation of crisis – political, humanitarian, etc. – who is the actor who takes the...
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Dragana Pećo
Jeta Xharra
Javier Arizmendi Ruiz
Goran Buldioski
Gordan Bosanac

Closing Address

Sonja Licht
Sonja Stojanović Gajić
Maja Bobić

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