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BSF 2015


Day 1
30 Sep 2015
Day 2
01 Oct 2015
Day 3
02 Oct 2015

Welcoming Speech

Speakers: Filip Ejdus‚ Assistant Professor in Security Studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade
Filip Ejdus

Keynote Speech, The Crisis of Liberal Internationalism in Europe

Speakers: Asle Toje‚ Research Director at the Norwegian Nobel Institute in Oslo
Asle Toje

Academic Event – Panel 1: Rethinking EU’s Foreign Policy

Rethinking the European Union’s Enlargement and Neighbourhod Policy: Lessons from California Roozbeh B. Baker, University of Surrey, UK   Abstract: The past several years have seen the clear limitations of...
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Rihards Bambals
Jozef Bátora
Ana Isabel Xavier
Raffaele Marchetti
Monika Sus
Roozbeh (Rudy) B. Baker

Academic Event – Panel 2: The EU and the Post-Soviet Space

The Garbage Can Model of European Neighborhood Policy: The Case of Ukraine Jozef Bátora, Comenius University, Slovakia   Abstract: Jozef Bátora, Comenius University, Slovakia and Pernille Rieke, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs...
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Alexander Graef
Miloš Popović
Panagiota Manoli
Hanna Shelest
Cristian Nitoiu
Jozef Bátora

Academic Event – Panel 3: The EU and the Western Balkans

The EU Foreign Policy as Mediation: The Case of Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Krenar Gashi, Ghent University, Belgium   Abstract: Krenar Gashi, Ghent University, Belgium and Vjosa Musliu, Ghent University, Belgium     Solving Problems in...
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Karsten Friis
Dejan Jović
Maja Kovačević
Oya Dursun-Özkanca
Zhidas Daskalovski
Krenar Gashi

Session 1: Kosovo and Serbia – How Much Longer Before Normality?

In partnership with: the Council for Inclusive Governance ( Sixteen years after the end of the Kosovo conflict and two years after the signing of the Brussels Agreement, the normalization...
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Alex Roinishvili Grigorev
Ljubiša Mijačić
Dukagjin Gorani
Ilir Deda
Ramadan Ilazi
Marko Đurić
Samuel Žbogar
Gordana Čomić

Session 2: Corporate Security – The Challenge of Good Management

In partnership with M:tel a.d. Banja Luka A survey undertaken in 2012 showed how senior managers saw cybersecurity, violence in the workplace, an organization’s resilience and the way it selects...
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Gorislav Papić
Miro Miskin
Dejan Pavlović
Zoran Keković

Side Event: Book Presentation – “The European External Action Service: European Diplomacy Post-Westphalia”

The European Union is a transformational polity challenging diplomacy as an institutionalized order. This book “The European External Action Service: European Diplomacy Post-Westphalia” reviews the conceptual origins of the EU’s diplomatic...
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David Spence
Jozef Bátora

The Berlin Process in Belgrade: The EU as a Peace Project Revisited in the Western Balkans

In partnership with: the European Fund for the Balkans ( In the final declaration of the Western Balkans Summit, six Western Balkan countries that are not yet EU members –...
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Sonja Licht
Florian Bieber
Ivan Vejvoda
Daniel Mondekar
Leon Malazogu
Dejan Jović
Mladen Ivanić
Alex Roinishvili Grigorev
Christian Danielsson
Selmo Cikotić
Ramadan Ilazi
Remzi Lani
Hedvig Morvai

Session 3: Here to Stay? The Rise of Inequality and Persistence of Poverty

In recent years income inequality has emerged as a political issue par excellence. Piketty’s history of wealth and income inequality in Europe and the United States Capital in the Twenty-First...
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Jelena Žarković Rakić
Tobias Flessenkemper
William Bartlett
Milica Uvalić

Session 4: Countering the Tide of Radicalization: In Search of a Comprehensive Response

In partnership with the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control and Armed Forces (DCAF) With the devastating results of the recent wars in the Middle East, and with the apparent...
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Karsten Friis
Franz-Stephan Gady
Andrej Rupnik
Alastair Crooke
Florian Qehaja

Session 5: Towards a Sustainable Future – Gender Equality in Inclusive Societies

With 2015 slowly coming to a close, it is the perfect time to look back on the Millenium Declaration (2000), and its implications for the creation of a truly inclusive...
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Irena Vojáčková-Sollorano
Wallace Chwala
Simona Miculescu
Shelley Inglis
Elisabeth Nauclér

Welcoming Speech

Speakers: Sonja Licht‚ President, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence
Sonja Licht

Plenary Panel 1: Reaffirmation of OSCE’s Role in Conflict Management

Forty years after the adoption of the Helsinki Final Act, the OSCE seems to have reemerged from the margins of international relations. This organization has survived difficult times since the...
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Nik Gowing
Teija Tiilikainen
Amb. István Gyarmati
Amb. Jonathan Moore
Amb. Gérard Stoudmann
Amb. Roksanda Ninčić

Plenary Panel 2: The Future of Political Islam in Europe

With the downfall of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and the militant approach of Islamists in Iraq, Syria and Libya, many analysts say the future of political Islam in the Arab...
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François Heisbourg
Tim Judah
İsmail Yaylacı
Álvaro De Vasconcelos

Plenary panel 3: The Crisis in Ukraine – Lessons (not) Learned from the Western Balkans

Could we have anticipated the Ukrainian conflict? A country nestled between two political blocks – one established and enlarged, the other still establishing (and enlarging?) – with deep internal divisions...
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Vessela Tcherneva
James Sherr
Andriy Veselovsky
Andrei Zagorski
Ted Whiteside

Session 6: Germany, the Reluctant Leader of Europe?

The word “reluctant” has been used extensively in describing Germany’s role in Europe. The question this adjective begs is how did it come about that Germany became the single leader...
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Sandra Breka
Elmar Brok
Adam Rotfeld
H.E. Axel Dittmann
Amb. Cameron Munter
François Heisbourg

Session 7: Keeping NATO Strong and Relevant: What Priorities Toward the Warsaw Summit 2016?

In partnership with the German Marshall Fund of the United States/Balkan Trust for Democracy               As the world becomes an ever smaller and faster...
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Claudia Major
Tamir Waser
Giselle Wilz
H.E. Momir Udovički
Ivan Vejvoda

Session 8: Privatization of Security in Transforming Societies – Main Challenges to Democratic Governance

Presentation of the results of region-wide research In partnership with the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces DCAF  The number of private security companies (PSCs) is growing...
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Alan Bryden
Branimir Bekić
Nataša R. Ignjatović
Rositsa Dzhekova

Special Side Event: Awarding of the Honorary Citizen of Belgrade Title to Mr. Thorvald Stoltenberg

(Upon Separate Invitation) Thorvald Stoltenberg represents one of the key international figures whose personal history is inextricably linked to the history of Yugoslavia and Serbia. Few know that first contact...
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Session 9: The Russian Dilemma: What Kind of International Order is Russia Seeking?

The international order defined by the West is no longer a premise simply taken for granted by the “rest” of the world. Not surprisingly, Russia has its own ideas of...
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Vladimir Baranovsky
Pavol Demeš
Timur Makhmutov
Sharyl Cross
Marcus Felsner

Session 10: New Ways of Energy Exploitation: Changing the Habitat for Good or Bad

Investment in the energy sector(s) in the countries of South East Europe (SEE) is increasing. Largely outdated and inefficient energy systems are in dire need of repair and modernization. Markets...
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H.E. Milan Simurdić
Julian Popov
Aleksandar Kovačević
Garret Tankosić-Kelly

Session 11: When Nations Move: The Failure of Migration Policies

More than 350,000 people entered the EU since the beginning of the year. Some call them migrants, some call them refugees, but the essence is that these people have left...
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Vladimir Petronijević
Despina Syrri
Radoš Đurović
Anna Terrón i Cusí

Plenary Panel 4: Improving the European Model of Governance: Ways Forward

According to the Copenhagen criteria, countries that wish to join the European Union have to meet the highest standards of democratic governance and human rights. The doors of the EU...
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Goran Buldioski
Žaneta Ozoliņa
Gesine Schwan
Franco Frattini
H.E. Michael Davenport

Keynote Address

Crystall Ballroom Speakers: H.E. Aleksandar Vučić‚ Prime Minister, Government of the Republic of Serbia
H.E. Aleksandar Vučić

Closing Address

Speakers: Sonja Licht‚ President, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence Maja Bobić‚ Secretary General, European Movement in Serbia Sonja Stojanović Gajić‚ Director, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy
Sonja Stojanović Gajić
Maja Bobić
Sonja Licht

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