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BSF 2011


Day 1
14 Sep 2011
Day 2
15 Sep 2011
Day 3
16 Sep 2011

Academic Event – Security Challenges in the Western Balkans

Security Challenges to the Critical Infrastructure in the Western Balkans: The Case of Macedonia Metodi Hadji Janev‚ Military Academy, Macedonia Abstract: Recent terrorist attacks on infrastructure, systems and services that they...
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Zora Ivanova Popova
Marius Calu
Katerina Gachevska
Jana Baćević
Metodi Hadji-Janev

Academic Event – Peace-Building and State-Building in the Western Balkans

Preventing State Failure in Western Balkans in Post-crisis Period:Lessons to be Considered Natalia Piskunova‚ MGIMO-University, Russia Abstract: The present state of the art in the academic discipline of International Relations suggests...
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Zora Ivanova Popova
Oksana Usatenko
Miruna Troncota
Natalia Piskunova
Marius Calu

Academic Event – Security Sector Reform in the Balkans

Failure of Power: Police Reform in Bosnia Cvete Konekska‚ University of Oxford, UK Abstract: Since Arend Lijphart’s first conceptualization of power-sharing (consociational democracy) in 1968 it has become a popular idea...
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Marko Savković
Nihat Çelik
Nikolay Pavlinov Pavlov
Cvete Koneska
Katerina Gachevska

Academic Event – Foreign and Security Policies in the Balkans

Understanding the New Activism of Turkish Foreign Policy: The Case of Western Balkans Alper Kaliber‚ Yasar University, Turkey Abstract: This study examines the post-Cold War regionalization in Turkish foreign and security...
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Laura Jane McLeod
Sigurd Neubauer
Vujo Ilić
Alper Kaliber
Cvete Koneska

Academic Event – The Balkans in the European Security Architecture

NATO Enlargement and Security in the Balkans Dessie Zagorcheva‚ Columbia University, USA Abstract: More than 20 years after the end of the Cold War, instead of a stable Euro-Atlantic security order...
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Florent Marciacq
Vladimir Trapara
Marko Kovačević
Dessie Zagorcheva
Alper Kaliber

Session 1: Improving Energy Security in Southeast Europe

Discussion Points: Is there a consensus around a more multidimensional conception of energy security? How much autonomy in designing energy policy could SEE states have in regard to the EU-Russia...
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Christof van Agt
Anita Orbán
H.E. Milan Simurdić

Session 2: Upheaval in the Arab World and its Aftermath

Discussion Points: What are the potential ramifications of the Arab upheaval for the Western Balkans security and stability? To what extent are the often-made historic analogies with revolutions in 1989...
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Mohhamad K Shiyyab
Anwar Essmat El Saddat
Srđa Popović
Alexis Crow

Session 3: Russia and Europe: Partners or Competitors?

Discussion Points: How much is Russia a part of European security and how much is the EU important for Russia’s security today? What are dominant Russian interests in Europe? (Energy?...
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Dušan Reljić
Nikolay Petrov
Armen Oganesyan
Charles Grant

The Benefits of Regional Cooperation

Discussion Points: When is belonging to a region important in today’s globalised environment? How transferrable are lessons in regional cooperation among different regions? What are key elements of a success...
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H.E. Karel Schwarzenberg
H.E. Stefano Sannino
H.E. Nickolay Mladenov
H.E. János Martonyi
Sonja Licht
Milan Ježovica
H.E. Vuk Jeremić
Maja Bobić

Main Panel 1: Global Security Challenges

Discussion Points: How similar or different are understanding of threats in different parts of world? Which regions are of key concern for leading powers of today: the U.S., China, Russia,...
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Kurt Volker
Ivan Vejvoda
James Sherr
Giles Merritt
Gábor Iklódy
Christopher Coker

Main Panel 2: European Security Perspective

Discussion Points: Are different versions of new European security architecture presented by the EU, NATO, Russia and Turkey compatible? How much transformative potential Europe has to make breakthroughs with frozen...
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Rastislav Káčer
Bruce Jackson
François Heisbourg
István Gyarmati
Ulrike Guérot
Charles Grant

Session 4: NATO and the Security Challenges Facing Southeast Europe

Discussion Points: What has NATO learned in the Western Balkans? Are those lessons applicable elsewhere? What does NATO exit strategy from the Western Balkans depend on? Which aspects of NATO’s...
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Jirí Šedivý
Savo Kentera
Karsten Friis
Pavol Demeš
Vlatko Cvrtila

Session 5: Turkey as Regional Power: Opportunities and Challenges

Discussion Points: How has Turkey’s foreign policy under Ahmet Davutoglu reached a “Strategic Depth” – moving Turkey from the regional to a global power? Are there limits to reversing years...
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Darko Tanasković
Sadan Inan Ruma
Nenad Radičević
Thanos Dokos

Session 6: The Role of Media in Stabilization Process of the Region

Discussion Points: Did media fail to mitigate post-conflict tensions in the Balkans? When and how media contributed to stabilization process in last decade? What did the stabilizing influence depend on?...
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Dragan Štavljanin
Zoran Sekulić
Sašo Ordanoski
Remzi Lani
Ljubica Gojgić

Session 7: Regional Security Cooperation: V4 Experiences

Discussion: The basic idea of the panel is to create a venue for discussing the regional cooperation in defence and security area and to present the experience of the Višegrad 4 (V-4)...
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Robert Vass
Péter Siklósi
Waldemar Ratajczak
Jaroslav Naď
Ivan Dvořák

Session 8: Integrating Gender in Security Sector Reform: A Practical Approach

Discussion Points: Have recruitment, retention and advancement policies for the MoD and AF been reviewed or are there plans for review and revision? What are some of the challenges connected...
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Kathrin Quesada
Dragana Petrović
Tanja Miščević
Biljana Lazarević
Anja H. Ebnöther

Main Panel 3: Women Leaders in Security Sector

Discussion Points: What are the key challenges in security and justice sector in the Western Balkans? What are the challenges of being a woman leader in security sector? What are...
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Sonja Stojanović
Tanja Miščević
Erika Kvapilová
H.E. Ljubica Jelušič
Anja H. Ebnöther
Stefanie Babst

Main Panel 4: Balkans: From Security Problem to Security Partner

Discussion Points: What are the lessons learned in Balkans regarding: conflict transformation; state-building; nurturing of security cooperation? How applicable these lessons are to other regions such as Northern Africa, post-Soviet...
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Arian Starova
Jim Seroka
Žarko Puhovski
Johann Pucher
Karl A. Lamers
Tim Judah
Selmo Cikotić

Closing Address

Sonja Licht

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