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Session 11:Human Security in Kosovo*

Session 11:Human Security in Kosovo*

(in cooperation with the Council for Inclusive Governance)

Discussion topics:

  • What is the state of human security in Kosovo? What aspects need immediate attention?
  • What are the most threatening current and potential threats to the people of Kosovo?
  • What are the short- and medium-term prospects for improvement or deterioration?
  • What needs to be done? What should be the role of the various domestic and international factors?
  • Is there a difference between aspects of human security among the Albanians and among the Serbs in Kosovo?
  • What is the special role of women activists in strengthening human security in Kosovo?


Ivana Milosavljević‚ Women activist

Engjellushe Morina‚ Co-founder and Chairperson, Pristina Council for Foreign Relations

Jasmina Živković‚ MP, Assembly of Kosovo*

Besa Shahini‚ Senior Analyst, European Stability Initiative

Alex N. Grigorev‚ President, Council for Inclusive Governance (Moderator)