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Session 10: Energy Security in SEE – Connecting or Dividing?

Session 10: Energy Security in SEE – Connecting or Dividing?

(in cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden)

Discussion topics:

  • Is there a consensus around a more multidimensional conception of energy security?
  • How much autonomy in designing energy policy could SEE states have in regard to EU-Russia relations?
  • How feasible is the SEE regional energy market?
  • Rethinking Nuclear Energy Policy: did we learn a lesson?
  • “Energy poverty” as a common heritage: is there a lack of European solidarity for pursuing multinational agendas and real dialogue? How to solve the production-consumption disparity?
  • What effect would EU-Russia long-term gas-deals have on energy security in SEE?
  • Is the diversification of energy-suppliers a viable/feasible solution for SEE? What happens to the South Stream project after the Nabucco failure?
  • Should SEE undertake a diversification of primary energy consumption? Are fossils secure enough? 


John M. Roberts‚ Energy Security Specialist, PLATTS

Gerald Stang‚ Associate Fellow, EUISS

Predrag Grujičić‚ Head of Hydrocarbons Unit, Energy Community

Ali Biniaz‚ Director, Directorate for International Economy and Energy Studies, Institute for Political and International Studies, Iran

Karsten Friis‚ Senior Advisor, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (Moderator)