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Academic Event – Method, Career, and Networking Café

13 Oct 2016
14:00 - 15:30
Budva Room

Academic Event – Method, Career, and Networking Café

Following the best practices from the previous three years, this year’s Academic event will be complemented with an additional program for PhD students and other interested researchers entitled the Method, Career, and Networking Café. Method Café is a new type of conference session led by scholars with expertise in a range of research methods with the idea to engage with other participants in informal and unstructured yet focused discussions about methods they are specialized in. Due to the great interest for this type of session among young researchers and scholars, as well as the great success of the previous years’ Method Cafés, this session will again be an addition to the BSF Academic event. This year, we decided to expand the thematic scope of the Method Café, in order to include topics that are not directly related to methodology of scientific research, but are of great interest for young scholars – such as networking, publishing, etc. Through Method, Career, and Networking Café, the BSF advances the capacities of young researchers and scholars by making them familiar with the new trends in research methodology and also by providing them with other useful know-how, such as: how to get published in the early stages of career, how to engage in research collaborations, how to secure funding for academic research, etc.

Academic network building and international research collaboration

Daniela Irrera, Associate Professor of Political Science and IR at the University of Catania, Italy

Academic/policy research and publishing

Jim Seroka‚ Professor of Political Science at Auburn University, Alabama USA

Interviewing policy makers

James Ker Lindsay, Eurobank Senior Research Fellow on the Politics of South East Europe, European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)