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Academic Event – “SALUS” Award – for the best policy papers in the field of Security Studies

12 Oct 2016
16:00 - 16:30
Beograd and Budva Room

Academic Event – “SALUS” Award – for the best policy papers in the field of Security Studies

The “SALUS” award was founded in 2015 as a prize to be awarded to the best policy papers dealing with security policies, written by the students of the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences. The aim of this award is to encourage theoretical thinking among students, but also searching for innovative practical solutions for security issues. The authors of the competing policy papers are the students who attend the courses Security of Serbia (BA studies) and Security Sector Reform (MA programme International Security). The prize, which is awarded during the academic event of the Belgrade Security Forum, is supported by the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy.

The prize is awarded to the best three policy papers. The authors of the awarded works receive certificates and are invited to attend the Belgrade Security Forum.

Last year, Miloš Matić and Aleksa Milanović were awarded the first; Milan Trajković and Dijana Dimković the second, and Irina Damjanović and Anđela Ristić the third prize.


Selection process and criteria

Approximately 60 policy papers have been written during the school year 2015/16. The papers are evaluated in accordance with established criteria. Six best papers by the students of BA studies and three by the students of MA studies are shortlisted, and after the first round of comments they are returned to the authors for revision. After that, the final versions of the papers are evaluated by the committee composed of the representatives of the BSF, BCSP and the Team Europe, which decides on the best three papers.