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Belgrade Security Forum 2014 Conference Summary

Belgrade Security Forum 2014 Conference Summary is now available.

The organisers are pleased that the 4th Belgrade Security Forum held under the title “Europe 2014: Closure and/or New Beginning” has again served as fruitful ground for exchange of ideas and different views on global and regional security issues between various stakeholders, including over a hundred discussants10 young scholars and 600 domestic and foreign senior officials from European countries and the world, as well as representatives of the European Union, NATO, OSCE, German Marshall Fund,  renowned scientific and research institutes, parliamentarians, civil society, and journalists.

It also received the most extensive media coverage, including more than 50 media outletswith around 150 news feeds reported by 60 international, regional and local journalists and reporters. The organisers of the Forum are especially thankful to the official media partner which greatly contributed to media visibility of the Forum.

Belgrade Security Forum 2014 Conference Summary is now available and you can download it here.

This year’s Forum echoed throughout the region and Europe sending a message of Western Balkans countries readiness to take the initiative and contribute to the debate on the future of the EU, and the strengthening of international law and international organizations. Belgrade Security Forum is proud to be an example of one such initiative with a specific added value in the fact that it is an initiative of civil society organizations.

However, the ambition of the Belgrade Security Forum does not end with creating space for thought-provoking discussions; we are continuing to make considerable effort to spread the brightest ideas and well-founded opinions and in the long term, contribute to the European security perspective by shaping the regional strategic debate.