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Plenary Panel 1: Opening the New Strategic Debate Between Transatlantic and Eurasian Agendas

Plenary Panel 1: Opening the New Strategic Debate Between Transatlantic and Eurasian Agendas

(in partnership with the Balkan Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States)

Discussion Topics:

  • In 2014 is the world entering a new Cold War; who would be the sides in such a confrontation?
  • What are the major strategic differences between the Trans-Atlantic and the Euro-Asian agendas? Have they anything in common? Are there shared concerns and interests and similar security threats? Is there a future for the Partnership-for-Peace?
  • Within growing interdependence and the future role of collective security arrangements, is there a divide in the approach to the fundamental values of democracy and rule of law?
  • How can we conceptualize the strategic debate in a multi-polar world where both state and non-state actors design international relations and security challenges? How can divergent interests be reconciled in a growing quest for resources – from energy to clean water?
  • Détente among various players in a complex, multi-polar world will differ very much from previous experiences: are the major players or, at least, strategists aware of this new challenge?


Karen Donfried‚ President, German Marshall Fund of the United States

François Heisbourg‚ Foundation pour la Recherché Strategique, Special Advisor

Adam Rotfeld‚ Warsaw University, “Artes Liberales” Department, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of the International Consultative Committee

Vladimir Baranovsky‚ Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Centre for Situation Analysis (CSA), Member of the Board of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations IMEMO

Shada Islam‚ Director of Policy, Friends of Europe

Remzi Lani‚ Director, Albanian Media Institute (Chair)