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Session 6: Regional Prospects of the Joint Crisis Intervention

Session 6: Regional Prospects of the Joint Crisis Intervention

Discussion Topics:

  • What are the common lessons and country-specific insights learned from the 2014 flood crisis?
  • What are the best practices for building population resilience?
  • What is the ‘added value’ of an EU-facilitated common approach to disaster management?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges in developing regional approaches to emergency management? What lessons can be learned from other regions and what is the situation in South East Europe?
  • How are new the lines of divide in Europe influencing the necessary trust-building required for a joint approach?


Predrag Marić‚ Assistant Minister and Head of Emergency Management Sector, Ministry of Interior, Government of the Republic of Serbia

Ivana Ljubojević‚ Head of Secretariat, Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative for South Eastern Europe

Želimir Kešetović‚ Professor, Faculty of Security Studies, University of Belgrade

Dejan Komatina‚ Secretary, International Sava River Basin Commission

Zoran Stanojević‚ News Editor, Radio Television of Serbia, RTS (Moderator)