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Session 8: Global Civics for/by a Global Youth?

Session 8: Global Civics for/by a Global Youth?

(in cooperation with the Global Civics Academy)

For the first time in human history, 20-year-olds around the world share as many interests with each other as they do with the 70-year-olds in their own societies. This panel will explore this unprecedented phenomenon with four remarkable young analysts from four distinct corners of the world.

Discussion Topics:

  • Are they loyal member of their nation-states or global citizens or both?
  • Do they feel the need for global civics?
  • What would such civics look like?
  • Where could global civics be negotiated?
  • What sort of a world awaits them?


Anna Kiefer‚ Program Assistant, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Relations

Giselle Laffont‚ Journalist, Argentina

Wallace Chwala‚ University of Nairobi

Divya Arya‚ Founder and President of the Intercultural Youth Council

Hakan Altinay‚ Non-resident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution (Moderator)