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Day 1
06 Oct 2020
Day 2
14 Oct 2020
Day 3
20 Oct 2020

Partner Session: Anti-Western Narratives in the Western Balkans: Threat to Euro-Atlantic Integration? (in Partnership with the European Western Balkans)

Discussion points: What are the main sources of anti-Western narratives in the Western Balkans and what is their purpose? How much can damage can the anti-Western narratives do to Euro-Atlantic...
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Nikola Burazer
Florian Bieber
Asya Metodieva
Moderator: Tena Prelec

Partner Session: The Impact of Covid-19 on Organized Crime

Discussion points: 1. In what way Covid-19 is changing the organized crime threat? 2. How organized crime group respond to the economic downturn? 3. Who are most affected victims of...
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Angela Me
Keith Ditcham
Moderator: Bojan Elek
Day 4
21 Oct 2020
Day 5
22 Oct 2020
Day 6
27 Oct 2020

Partner Session: Defence cooperation beyond the alliance borders: What can the Balkans learn from Nordic countries?

Discussion points: What are the drivers of regional defence cooperation? How can the countries attain the necessary level of trust and confidence? What are the key challenges to defence cooperation...
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