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Session 3: Russia and Europe: Partners or Competitors?

Session 3: Russia and Europe: Partners or Competitors?

Discussion Points:

  • How much is Russia a part of European security and how much is the EU important for Russia’s security today?
  • What are dominant Russian interests in Europe? (Energy? Access to the EU market? Proxies for strategic competition with the U.S.? Anything else?)
  • What are dominant EU’s interests in Russia’s neighborhood? Can the European Neighborhood Policy deliver without cooperation with Russia?
  • What can Western Balkan states learn from the points of convergence among Russia’s, EU and NATO interests in Europe?
  • What could Western Balkan state gain or loose from taking part in a European Security Treaty (EST)?


Armen Oganesyan‚ Editor-in-Chief, International Relations

Nickolay Petrov‚ Scholar-in-Residence, Society and Regions Programme, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Moscow Center

Charles Grant‚ Director, Center for European Reform

Dušan Reljić‚ Researcher, German Institute for International and Security Affairs‚ (Moderator)