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Session 7: Regional Security Cooperation: V4 Experiences

Session 7: Regional Security Cooperation: V4 Experiences


The basic idea of the panel is to create a venue for discussing the regional cooperation in defence and security area and to present the experience of the Višegrad 4 (V-4) countries in this respect. Current economic crisis has a significant impact on the defence budgets of the European allies. The defence budgets are decreasing and countries are facing challenge how to cope with the tasks they were given with the money they were granted. One of the ways seems to be more closer regional cooperation in the defence sphere, especially pooling and sharing of the capabilities. The panel will deal with the issue of the defence cooperation in general and with its practical application shown on the Višegrad 4 countries example. The panelists will also try to identify the way, how this cooperation could be extended to the countries from the South-Eastern Europe. As well as, how the SEE could capitalize on the experience of the V-4 countries in area of defence and security.


Jaroslav Naď‚ Director General, Defence policy, International Relations and Legislations Department, Ministry of Defence‚ Slovak Republic

Ivan Dvořák‚ Director of the Defence Policy and Strategies Department, Ministry of Defence‚ Czech Republic

Péter Siklósi‚ Deputy State Secretary for Defence Policy and Planning, Ministry of Defence‚ Republic of Hungary

Waldemar Ratajczak‚ Deputy Director of the International Security Policy Department, Ministry of National Defence‚ Republic of Poland

Robert Vass‚ Secretary General, Slovak Atlantic Commission‚ (Moderator)