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Closing Address at the sixth Belgrade Security Forum were given by Ms. Sonja Licht, president of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, Ms Sonja Stojanović Gajić director of Belgrade Center for Security Policy and Ms. Maja Bobić, Secretary General at European Movement in Serbia.

Ms. Maja Bobić stressed that it was a pleasure to share ideas and offer new answers to questions. The forum was an opportunity to pick ideology that we want to share with the world. Main message is that we need more dialogue in order to overcome new treats such as populism. She stated that ,,time has changed and we need new solutions“, as well as that the economic and migrant crisis have ,,put enlargement to the back seat“. Ms. Bobić said that the dialogue between Serbian and Albanian prime ministers is a clear evidence that the dialogue was always possible and that it have be continued in order to overcome setbacks.

Ms. Sonja Stojanović Gajić pointed out that the main message of the forum is the conclusion that dialogue is ,,not only missing in the Western Balkans, but in the whole EU“. She stressed that civil society is an important factor in EU enlargement, especially in creating new solutions. Ms. Gajić said that civil society organizations, goverment and think tanks were represented on the Belgrade Security Forum.

Ms. Sonja Licht used the opportunity to express her gratitute to the audience who proved that they had fun discussing many difficult topics. At very end, she thank the partners and supporters and especially the organization team and volonteers of this year’s Forum.