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Session 9: Serbia and Kosovo*: A Game Changer in the Balkans?

What is the perspective for the Serbia and Kosovo* relations after the Brussels agreement and just before the local elections? What all this brings to the people living in Kosovo*?

Session began by emphasizing the fact that Kosovo* issue is not forgotten and that it was getting more and more attention in the last couple of weeks as the Kosovo* local elections are taking place soon. The speakers looked back to the last week incidents on Kosovo* and recognized the importance of resolving them fast for the sake of not only Kosovo*-Serbia relations, but for the sake of both Albanians and Serbs living in Kosovo*.

Speakers agreed that Kosovo* – Serbia relations have improved since the Brussels agreement. They also agreed on the matter of Kosovo* and Serbia’s common goals in the process of European integration, such as strengthening of institutions and continuation of the reforms.

Speakers emphasized that human dimension has continuously been left out and that this issue should be addressed in the future. The majority of the people from both sides are looking forward to the cooperation in the future and possible social reconciliation as soon as the circumstances should allow.

Different opinions could be heard when it came to the issue of the upcoming Kosovo* local elections. Some of the speakers weren’t sure about the outcome. All agreed that elections are going to happen, but they were uncertain about the results. All of the speakers expressed their hope that after the elections the normalization of relations between both Serbs and Albanians can continue.

  • Arbër Vllahiu‚ Senior Political Advisor for Media and Public Relations/Spokesperson and Chief of Staff of the President of Republic of Kosovo*
  • Zoran Ostojić‚ MP, National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia
  • Dukagjin Gorani‚ Director, Liberal Democratic Institute, Kosovo*
  • Oliver Ivanović‚ Former State Secretary, Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija
  • Leon Malazogu‚ Executive Director, Democracy for Development, Kosovo*
  • Alex N. Grigorev‚ President, Council for Inclusive Governance (Moderator)