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Closing Panel BSF 2013

The discussion about Balkans 2020 on the closing panel of the Belgrade Security Forum 2013 gathered distinguished guests and a lot of attention.

The closing panel of Belgrade Security Forum 2013 saw a lively discussion among prominent guests, with many questions from the audience. The panel focused on the aspects of the “Balkan 2020” plan, in comparison to the previous “Balkan 2010″ plan, stressing the differences between them, and conclusions for the future could be taken. The main regional goal stays the integration of the entire Western Balkan into the Union, the process that led so far to the large structural reforms, as well as the reform of the elites in the states of the region. However, many of the states still do not fulfill all requirements for joining the Union, and there is still large fear from “tyranny of the status quo”. Finalizing the debate, panelists again stressed out the great peacekeeping potential EU has, that can help Western Balkans to get over the troubled past. In spite of all the problems that EU is going through in the moment, integration stays the main goal of all the non-EU states in the region.