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Corporate Security – The Challenge of Good Management

The Session Corporate Security – The Challenge of Good Management focused on recognition of the importance of corporate security and examined possibilities of regional cooperation in those respects. The concept of corporate security is becoming increasingly global issue. During the Session models of two big companies from the region were presented: M:tel from Banja Luka and NIS Oil Company Serbia.

The key activities of M:tel from Banja Luka in the field of corporate security include administrative security, informatics security, as well as response in emergency situations. The organization has a specific business function that deals with corporate security. During the last year’s floods when mobile communication proved essential in saving and preserving lives, M:tel recognized and embraced the importance of the system of corporate security. The concept has not been given the place it deserved to be developed into a respectable system in the Western Balkans region.

The lack of legislation in this area, together with the lowering economic support is representing largest treat to the corporate security in the Western Balkan.

Terrorist attacks in Madrid, London and New York gave rise to international standardization in the area of corporate security. Implementation of global standards helps protect companies from the threats in the most efficient way. However, it is the collaboration with civil society organizations, as well as with private and public companies and even with competing firms that is necessary in order to develop better protection and increase security.

  • Zoran Keković‚ Faculty of Security, University of Belgrade
  • Dejan Pavlović‚ Deputy Director, Function for Corporate Protection, NIS
  • Miro Miskin‚ Head of Security and Internal Control, Security and Internal Control, M:tel
  • Gorislav Papić‚ Editor, Radio Television of Serbia