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Call for Volunteers for Belgrade Security Forum 2017!

The organizers of the Belgrade Security Forum (BSF) are pleased to invite enthusiastic and motivated students and graduates from universities, schools and institutes based in Serbia and abroad to join the BSF team for the 7th Belgrade Security Forum, to be held in October.

Every year, the Belgrade Security Forum gathers over 100 speakers and more than 600 high-ranking officials, including representatives from prestigious research and science institutes, civil society organizations, parliaments and media from Serbia, Europe and around the world.

The aim of the Forum is to intensify high-quality debate on security, international relations and responsibility to find solutions for the current security challenges in the Balkans and Europe. In this respect, BSF volunteers are essential to support operations which will ensure a smooth running of the conference.  



Why volunteer?


As a volunteer, you will be a vital part of the conference and will help create a welcoming and outstanding conference experience for over 600 participants from around the world. This is a valuable opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the field of foreign affairs and security policy, attend an international conference, and obtain firsthand experience in the organization of a high-level international security dialogue.

In this regard you will be required to undertake a two-day training session, where you will become familiarized with volunteer duties to be completed throughout the conference.

  • High-level officials, top experts and future leaders
  • Expert opinions, quality discussions
  • Networking
  • Event organization skills


Volunteer duties

As a volunteer, you will be expected to be available for the entire period of the conference, according to the appointed schedule. You will be asked to assist with one of the following teams: 

  • Media Team (assisting with media registrations and providing to journalists needed information on program/participants);
  • Logistics Team (assisting with room counts, facilitating entry/exit of guests at the conference rooms as well as arrivals and departures of the speakers);
  • Participants Team (assisting with conference attendee registrations, assisting with conference attendee program, assisting with conference attendee questions);
  • Technical Support (assisting with assembling registration materials and other related technical duties);
  • Web Team (taking notes and writing short report from the panels/sessions; assisting in creating social media posts; tweeting and administrating tweet wall);
  • Analytical Team (taking minutes at the sessions and panels, producing short reports for the web (during the BSF), on the basis of the minutes, producing longer reports on the sessions and panels (in the days after the BSF), conducting interviews with the BSF participants);
  • Protocol Team (assisting in preparation of list for seating arrangements, handling seating arrangement for VIP guest)


If you are interested in applying for the volunteer position, please fill the on-line application. The application will help us see what frames your motivation for volunteering and indicates the type of work and team that you want to be engaged with.

Applications should be submitted no later than May 15, 2017.

For any further questions you can contact the BSF Volunteer Coordinator, Vladimir Erceg on 


*Please note that we are not able to cover travel and accomodation cost.