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CALL FOR PAPERS: Regional Security and the Retreat of Liberalism

Belgrade Security Forum is happy to announce open call for papers for this year’s Academic Event. Academic Event will open on Wednesday, October 16th 2019.

The liberal world order has seen better days. It has been challenged from without by illiberal rising powers who question not only the global primacy of the West but also its fundamental values and institutions. Even more vigorously, the liberal world order has been challenged from within by illiberal developments within the West itself due to the rise of populism, xenophobia, neo-mercantilism, and nationalism. While ramifications of these developments for global security have already become a subject of a heated conversation, its implications for regional security orders have attracted much less scholarly attention. Is the ongoing political crisis in Europe business as usual or an existential threat to the EU? How repeated crises in Europe affect other regional projects?  What are the ramifications of the global democratic deficit for the Western Balkans? Is the post-American world order going to have stronger or weaker regional-level security dynamics? How does ‘the rise of the rest’ affect regional integration projects outside Europe? As the image of the West loses its captivating power what does the future hold for other cognitive regions of the world? Can illiberal states successfully drive regional integration projects? The aim of the 9th Belgrade Security Forum is to bring together leading world scholars to probe into these questions and other implications of the global retreat of liberalism for regional security.


How to apply:

All submissions must include the applicant’s CV (two pages at most) attached to his/her paper proposal (up to 400 words). Submissions should be made electronically to, and entitled “CfP BSF 2019”.

Deadline for submissions is 24 June 2019. Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration. All the accepted papers will be presented during the academic portion of the ninth Belgrade Security Forum, on 16 October 2019. The forum is the biggest international security conference in Southeast Europe which gathers several hundred top-level policy and decision makers, NGO leaders, experts, academics and journalists each year.


The organizers will fully cover travel and accommodation expenses of selected participants for the entire duration of the Forum. After the Forum, all the papers will be peer-reviewed for a Special Issue of Journal of Regional Security.