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Belgrade-Pristina: Dialogue about the Dialogue



2020 has been marked by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has impacted all aspects of life, from our daily routines to international politics. The pandemic has also had an effect on Belgrade-Pristina relations, serving as a pretext for the fall of the Kosovo Government led by Albin Kurti at the end of March 2020. One of the first moves by the new Government of Kosovo, headed by Avdulah Hoti, was to withdraw the measures of so-called reciprocity with Serbia, introduced by their predecessors. This meant the removal of the formal barrier to the continuation of the dialogue with Serbia, which had been deadlocked since the end of 2018. The dialogue indeed revived – on multiple tracks.

In Belgrade Center for Security Policy’s “Dialogue on the Dialogue,” four experts discuss their expectations and what may lie ahead.


The publication was supported in part by a grant from the Foundation Open Society Institute in cooperation with the OSIFE of the Open Society Foundations.