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Young scholars talk about Security Challenges in the Balkans

Pre-event of the first Belgrade Security Forum, gathering young scholars from numerous European countries and United States of America has begun at the premises of the Central Military Club in Belgrade.

During the pre-event sessions of the Belgrade Security Forum, authors of the twenty selected papers that offer challenging, innovative and policy oriented ideas on how to better understand and improve Balkan and European security will be presented within five different sessions. This type of Academic Sessions is unique and it differentiates Belgrade Security Forum from the other forums of similar type.

In her welcoming note, Ms Sonja Licht, president of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence welcomed participants and wished them a fruitful debate and pleasant stay in Belgrade during the first Belgrade Security Forum.

Topics that are discussed are related to Security Challenges, Peace-Building and State-Building in the Western Balkans as well as Security Sector Reform in the region. Other issues that were researched and presented in papers are consisted of the analyses of the European Security Architecture and Foreign and Security Policies in the Balkans.