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Official Reception at the Great War Hall

Official Reception for the participants of the first Belgrade Security Forum has been arranged by the Ms. Tanja Miscevic, the state secretary of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia and Ms. Sonja Licht, the president of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence at the Great War Hall of the Old Army Headquarters Building.

Ms. Licht stated that the Forum started with the discussions of youth scholars and academics that were very successful and that announced the quality of following sessions of the main event of the Belgrade Security Forum.

Ms. Miscevic pointed out that security issues are of very high importance for all, but that it is especially interesting to discuss this issues with people dealing with this field and to learn from them about new security challenges and possible responds, not only because of the security challenges, but also because of networking.

“Ministry is very delighted to be a part of this first ever organized Belgrade Security Forum. Cooperation with civil sector and civil society organizations in organization of this kind of forum is very important for us”, Ms. Miscevic has said.

In two following days during the first Belgrade Security Forum officials from different European countries, EU and NATO representatives, as well as representatives from prestigious research and science institutes, civil society, parliaments and media will discuss about European and global security, regional cooperation and foreign policy.