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Serbia and the Balkans as a part of the solution

Sonja Licht gives an opening speech on the start of the second day of Belgrade Security Forum 2013.

Addressing all participants at the Belgrade Security Forum, Sonja Licht, president of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, in her opening speech emphasised that this years’ Forum aims to intensify high quality debate on security, international relations and our responsibility to find solutions for the current security challenges.

With the organisation of Belgrade Security Forum we would like to put Serbia and the Balkans on the global agenda. We want to be actors in the international arena and cease to be a subject of discussion. We want to be seen as the part of the solution and not as the part of the problem” said Ms. Licht.

We have gathered today to think about what we could do (change) in order to act and not just to think for the sake of thinking, Licht concluded.

Ms. Licht expressed her gratitude to all of the participants and friends of the Forum who supported the event pointing out that “without friends, nothing really works”.