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Side Event: BSF Discussion – Asia’s Delicate Security Architecture

17 Oct 2019
18:30 - 19:30

Side Event: BSF Discussion – Asia’s Delicate Security Architecture

Discussion points:

  • What are the current challenges of the Asia’s delicate security architecture
  • What can be done to get closer to solving some of the long lasting conflicts?
  • Who are the most important outside actors who can impact Asian regional security?
  • Is there hope for peace on Korean peninsula?


The idea of the panel is to give insight on current challenges in Asian Security Architecture and its structures.  In addition to long lasting and non – stop armed conflicts (Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen – Saudi Arabia), particular problem are precarious political relations, between countries who are undoubtedly most developed in various categories in the continent. Handicap is also shortage of desire to find a compromising solution, rather holding to the maximalist positions, which is manifesting in constant insecure situation in interstate relations. That “rivalry” that often has deadly consequences for border population is main factor of influence on Asian Security Architecture.

Special attention will be given on Republic of Korea, which geographical position has plural influence on geopolitical happenings, even out of the peninsula, where South Korea is situated. Primarily core of security challenges for Korea are relations with DPR of Korea. Change of approach by South Korean president towards their north neighbor has resulted in reciprocal visits by political delegations of these countries. By that, expectations are on the rise for interkorean relations, which have so many times in the past, occupied attention of whole world in negative sense. Even though relations with North Korea represents main factor of influence in security issues of South Korea, relations with other neighbors are not to be overlooked. Relations with Japan are on downward, which is a concern, mainly because in the past Japan – Korea relations were very developed and generous. As relations with USA are continuously on the rise, there is an antagonism on the side of PR of China. Because of that development (THAAD), South Korea is forced to accept significant concessions for China. In the end relations with Russian Federation are getting better, like in every other countries, main part of interstate relations between Federation and other countries is natural gas, and neither Korea did remained immune. Due to the particular interest of the great powers in a Korean peninsula, it is indisputable that the security challenges and perspectives of Republic of Korea and the region must be frequently and thoroughly analyzed which just the thing to do in this panel.


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