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Session 5: Belt and Road Initiative – European Perspectives

Session 5: Belt and Road Initiative – European Perspectives

Discussion Points:

  • What will be the consequences of increasing Chinese presence in European countries?
  • Is China reliable partner for Western Balkans countries?
  • What are the long term consequences of the Chinese presence in the Western Balkans?
  • How can the partnership with China impact the European perspectives of Western Balkans?

The panels seeks to provide platform for the dialogue about the rising presence of the China through the implementation of the ‘’Belt and Road’’ initiative. Since the launch of ‘’Belt and Road’’ Initiative, China has been establishing partnership and has been spreading its influence over several continents. Europe has not been surpassed. Through infrastructure projects, financial agreements and political ties, China has been seen as a rising new actor in the European part of the field of international relations. China is present in some regions more than others and it has found partners that are more welcoming than others. And while the consequences of the Chinese presence and partnership are mostly positive in the moment but the question what will be a long term result of the Chinese presence. One of the regions where the Chinese presence is welcomed and encouraged is Western Balkans. And while there are some indications that European union is not looking at rising Chinese presence with encouragement, Western Balkans countries are continuing to build relations with most populous country in the world with mixed result.

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