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In Cyberspace, Borders Do Not Exist

The key issue of the third session of the BSF 2012 was raising awareness of the dangers that exist in cyberspace.

The speakers explained and identified cyber-war and cyber-crime as global problems for countries all over the world and what that means for the Balkan region. They pointed out different aspects of cyber-war and cyber-crime and how important they are for governments, civil society and private companies.

Cyber space, as such, is a space without borders and distinct fields of regulations, therefore, countries must communicate, share information and cooperate if they aim to prevent and reduce the consequences of cyber space threats and attacks.

Since the tools of cyber-war and cyber-crime are getting more complex and sophisticated each day, there cannot be only one solution, but rather a diversity of measures centred on education, cooperation, legislative regulation, conventions and the involvement of all users of computer technology.

For the Balkan region, that also means mutual cooperation and an improved understanding of these problems are an immediate necessity, not an impending one.