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EU Immigration Policy Falling Short

In the Evening Session 1: Between Mobilization and Isolation: EU and Migration Trends panelist examined the importance of the diversity management, and assessed the responses of the EU countries and the EU policy.

The EU offered no suitable immigration policy in the past because it failed to comprehend what the migration acctualy was. The policy of diversity hasn’t been effective at all, including the policy of multiculturalism. As Unified EU Asylum System doesn’t really exist, countries of the periphery have much of burden to bear.  Adding to that is the growing nationalism and xenophobia in EU countries.

However, migration is only one side of the coin as the other important issue is how to manage human resources. Three main factors should be taken into account: migration pressure will only be growing in the future; by all measurable analysis, migration brings profit; and migrants are of higher education than the natives.

In the Western Balkan region, there is no strategic approach, as well as no adequate screening of the people who are transiting. Regional cooperation and approaches should be examined as means to tackling the issue.

The session was conducted under the Chatham House Rule.

  • Amb. Piotr Świtalski‚ Director of Policy Planning, Council of Europe
  • Dejan Keserović‚ Coordinator for Central Asia, International Organisation for Migration (IOM)
  • Vladimir Petronijević‚ Executive Director, Group 484
  • Despina Syrri‚ Director of the Council of Europe Network School of Political Studies, Greece and President of Symbiosis
  • Ivana Krstić‚ Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade (Moderator)