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BSF Closed: We Will Use Your Arguments in Best Way

Keynote address at the closing of the seventh Belgrade Security Forum was given by the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić in the packed Crystal Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency. Vučić thanked the organizers for giving him the opportunity to address the Forum and congratulated for yet another successful event.

President Vučić stated he was feeling a little less optimistic about regional security than he did last year though he wasn’t feeling optimistic last year either. However, he promised Serbia will do its best to preserve peace and stability needed for economic development of the region.

Inspired by one of the previous panels that dealt with Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue, he commented: “We need to start with the internal dialogue in order to face reality. We ask the other side to do the same.”  Otherwise, he believes, it will become a kind of a frozen conflict. He addressed the prejudice that exists on this side and stated it will be difficult to get over it. “If we don’t resolve our issues we’ll continue to suffocate each other in the European path.” He hoped Catalonian case wouldn’t raise high expectations in Serbia.

Vučić concluded by saying how there was a lot he can learn from the BSF discussions and recommendations. “We will take your arguments and use them in the best possible way”, he promised.