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Academic Event Welcoming Speech: The EU as a Global Crisis Manager

11 Oct 2017
Beograd and Budva Rooms

Academic Event Welcoming Speech: The EU as a Global Crisis Manager

The BSF Academic Event continued the Forum’s tradition of enabling interaction between the academic and policy communities. This event is a unique feature of the BSF, giving a voice to academics and highlighting the necessity of taking academic research into account in the processes of policy making.

This year, the Academic Event titled “The European Union as a Global Crisis Manager“ gathers leading researchers taking a fresh look at the civilian power of Europe in light of recent developments in the world affairs. It will explore the role and capabilities of EU in crisis management from its emergence as an actor in the Balkans, to most recently its engagement on the Horn of Africa – including the effectiveness with which those capabilities have been coordinated for coherent impact through the comprehensive approach.

The conference is taking place in the heart of a region that has been, for better or worse, a laboratory for the EU foreign and security policy for almost three decades. This should provide an additional inspiration for stimulating discussions.

This event is organised by the EU-CIVCAP research project which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 653227.