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Day 1

17:00 BSF Discussion: 10th Anniversary of the Belgrade Security Forum
18:30 BSF Discussion: What is at stake in the Eastern Mediterranean?

Day 2

18:00 BSF Discussion: Saving Democracy: Cooperation and Solidarity in the Aftermath of the Pandemic

Day 3

10:00 Academic Welcoming Speech (In partnership With OSCE Mission to Serbia)
10:15 Academic Keynote Speech: The Silence of the Systems: Informal Networks, Hidden Practices and Invisible Domination - Evidence from the Global Informality Project (In partnership With OSCE Mission to Serbia)
11:00 Academic Panel 1: Which Theory Does Best Capture State Capture? (In partnership With OSCE Mission to Serbia)
12:00 Academic Panel 2: STATE CAPTURE AS AN UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE OF CONFLICT- RESOLUTION (In partnership With OSCE Mission to Serbia)
13:00 Academic Panel 3: State Capture and Security In Serbia (In partnership With OSCE Mission to Serbia)
17:00 Partner Session: Anti-Western Narratives in the Western Balkans: Threat to Euro-Atlantic Integration? (in Partnership with the European Western Balkans)
18:30 Partner Session: The Impact of Covid-19 on Organized Crime (in partnership with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Serbia, part of the MATRA program of the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs)

Day 4

10:30 BSF IN CONVERSATION: The Pandemic, the World and the Western Balkans: A view from London
11:30 Panel 1: The Depopulation Challenge: Shaping the Future Social, Political and Economic Landscape (in Partnership with UNDP and UNFPA)
17:00 Panel 2: Will the Pandemic Reshape or Accelerate History?
18:30 BSF In Conversation: Mainstreaming Right-Wing Extremism

Day 5

11:45 Panel 3: Western Balkans, Emerging from the New Disorder (in Partnership with the Embassy of the Netherlands)
15:00 Special Event of The Balkan Dialogues Initiative: Belgrade-Pristina: No Trust, No Solution (In partnership with Balkan Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States and the Royal Norwegian Embassy)
17:00 BSF Discussion: The World after the US Elections
18:30 BSF Address: Populism in the 2020s: Beyond the Populist Zeitgeist

Day 6

10:00 Partner Session: Defence cooperation beyond the alliance borders: What can the Balkans learn from Nordic countries?
11:30 Partner Session: Role of values in politics-oriented media narratives: lessons for Western Balkans (in Partnership with the Warsaw Security Forum and with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland)
12:50 Partner Session: Trust as a Social Capital – UNDP Perspective
17:00 Partner Session: Technology, Trust and Legitimacy: An Uneasy Relationship (in Partnership with the UNDP)
18:30 Special Event: Future of Europe and the Western Balkans (in Partnership with the European Fund for the Balkans)
19:30 Closing Address

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