BSF ON THE RECORD! BSF served as fruitful ground for exchange of ideas and different views between over a hundred discussants, 10 young scholars and 600 domestic and foreign senior officials from European countries and the world. Now you can watch all Panels of Belgrade Security Forum 2014 and go through our photo gallery!... Read
BSF OFFICIALLY CLOSED At the end of the final day, closing address was delivered by the representatives of the three organising partners: Ms. Sonja Stojanović Gajić in front of the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, Ms. Maja Bobić, European Movement in Serbia, and Ms. Sonja Licht of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence. The three of them thanked this year's speakers, participants and donors, without which the Forum wouldn't be one step closer to its 5 years jubilee.... Read
BALKAN EXPRESS IN FIVE YEARS AND A DAY Western Balkans countries need to work on themselves. Only full cooperation between them is the path towards EU enlargement, even if it happens after 5 years, that is the conclusion of the last plenary panel of the Belgrade Security Forum under the title Is It Time For a New Balkans Commission?.... Read

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Global Risks Call for Joint Action

Climate change, Ebola outbreak and other global risks can only be tackled with joint cooperation, as the discussants concluded. They agreed not only that global civil society is necessary and feasible, but that these talks need to be carried out of the scientific community and taken into the world, out on the street. Moreover, global civics are compared to a tree that needs to be planted and carefully attended until it grows big and green.

New Cold War without Ideology

The Session of the final day of the Belgrade Security Forum that attracted the most attention on the final day of the Belgrade Security Forum, deliberated on the outcomes of the Ukrainian crisis and its effects on shaping of European policy. The new interpretation of the Cold War is in order, this time without ideology behind it as a cover. European solution needed to be found together with Russia, however the dilemma lingers: before or after intervention.

Disasters Know No Borders

The Session Regional Prospects of the Joint Crisis Intervention focused on prevention and crisis management in emergency situations and examined possibilities of regional cooperation in those respects. There is evident lack of political responsibility for tragic consequences of disasters. Governments should pay more attention and resources to prevention and reaction in cases of emergency. Regional mindset should be reformed, so that societies could also become part of the solution.

The End of Energy Interdependence

The crisis in Ukraine inspired the debate on ensuring energy security in a hypothetical scenario in which there would be no more energy delivered from Russia. The Morning Session 5 Rethinking Energy Security: Balancing Concerns, Managing Expectations concluded that Europe has sufficient other sources to obtain energy from.