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Volunteers in Pre-BSF Training

A preparatory training for BSF volunteers was held mid-September to familiarize volunteers with the BSF team and provide them with necessary information and skills for organizing a successful and stress-free event for all.

Not only had the volunteers an opportunity to gain a firsthand insights on the event management, they also managed to get to know each other better in order to function as a team.

On the first day of the training, the volunteers were offered an in-depth overview of history and organizational structure of the BSF. In addition, they were introduced wi

th the team coordinators and therefore obtained valuable information on the activities, tasks and responsibilities related to each of the specific team.

In order to profit a maximum of BSF experience, a team building workshop was a vital part of the preparatory training. During the course of the training, the volunteers had a number of exercises with a focus on strengthening team spirit among each other.

We see volunteering at the BSF as a valuable opportunity for young professionals to acquire knowledge, skills and experience in the field of foreign affairs and security policy and subsequently help them to find the right career path.