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The German Marshall Fund’s Young Transatlantic Network organized a session with Ivan Vejvoda, Senior Vice President for Programs in German Marshall Fund. He talked about current state of the affairs in trans-Atlantic relations. The main question pertained to how the global shifts were shaping transatlantic network.

His conclusion was that all the countries, especially the most powerful ones, need to find a new approach and properly understand the functioning of world in changed circumstances; and above all, to strengthen the transatlantic partnership in finding solutions.

Vejvoda argued that it was an illusion that the full progress and stability was just a matter of time, but we are now facing the almost insurmountable issues. „We cannot neglect the fact of strong anti-globalization and anti-Americanization, which provoked protests in Germany. The level of trust was lost which is more emphasized by the terrorist attacks“.

Due to all this, Vejvoda called for creating conditions for joint work in confronting all crises, especially the migration flux, because these issues were crying for international engagement.

The USA and EU are indispensable partners in these fields and their leaders are highly aware of constant demand for solutions in defence, cyber issues, as well as trade and investment partnerships. “Despite brexit, we cannot forget that the UK is still a transatlantic bridge and one of the most important USA allies. The NATO is also crucial in maintaining the balance between deterrence and support”, Vejvoda concluded.