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SGM Marijana Simonovska Trajkoska

Battalion Master Sergeant, Military Medical Center

SGM Marijana Simonovska Trajkoska

Battalion Master Sergeant, Military Medical Center


Sergeant Major Marijana Simonovska Trajkoska is a Battalion Master Sergeant in Military Medical Center. Of all the most important international courses, exercises and training she participated in: Basic and advanced course for Lifesavers – Military medical center; NATO co-ordinational cell evacuation of patients- Germany; Combat staff course for NSOs – Veles; Training for military protocol of Army – Kumanovo; Training and active participation of Gender equality in the security sector- Skopje; Training rotation of forces (BSFR 11) Marine Corps-Romania; Training for Staff Operating Planning Processor ROLE 2- Kingdom of Norway; Command post exercise SAFE PATH 12; Exercise SHARED REZILIENCE 13; Exercise Macedonian Flash 9 and Flash 10.

Her extended experience also comes from her participation in a mission Force Protection ISAF-Kabul 2011/12.  Finishing Gender Training of Trainers Course in 2019 at Racviac (Centre for Security Cooperation in Rakitje Croatia), she became certified military gender trainer. Also, Sergeant major Trajkoska completed Basic course for public affairs in Regional Centre – Parc Skopje.


Military career:

Civilian in the department for Strategic Research Military Academy 2001-2003

Commander of infrastructure in Military hospital, Skopje 2003-2010

Reference in the 2/1 Mechanized infantry Brigade garrisoned Shtip 2011

Kabul Afghanistan mission June 2011- January 2012

Commander of military command department in Military medical center 2012-2015

Command sergeant major in Military medical center 2015-2017

NSO for evaluation in JOC – S-7 Kumanovo 2017-2018

Command sergeant major in military medical center 2019

All session by SGM Marijana Simonovska Trajkoska