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Russia: Still Far from Strategic Partnership with West?

Despite the division of the world into three parts, Russia, China and the USA, the EU space is very important for the protection of vital values such as peace, international security and environmental security. Thus, it is crucial that the West and Russia work together and have a strong dialogue.

One of the problems that burdens Russia in international relations is the fact that it bases international relations on competing, not cooperating with the West. There are three pillars of Russian’s role in international system: strong leader, strong state and orthodox religion. According to our panelists, Russia is now far from being a strategic partner with the West. It seems to be that expanding Russia is a treat for its neighbors and expanding NATO is a treat to Russia.


From the perspective of Russian and European business stakeholders there is certainly an opportunity for collaboration; however the EU must first be clear about its priorities.

  • Marcus Felsner‚ Chairman, Osteuropaverein (the Eastern Europe Business Association of Germany)
  • Sharyl Cross‚ Director of the Kozmetsky Center at St. Edward’s University, Austin, USA and Global Policy Fellow, Kennan Institute Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC
  • Timur Makhmutov‚ Deputy Director of Programs, Russian International Affairs Council
  • Pavol Demeš‚ Senior Transatlantic Fellow, the German Marshall Fund of the United States
  • Vladimir Baranovsky‚ Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Centre for Situation Analysis (CSA), Member of the Board of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations IMEMO