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BSF – A New Partner of Security Jam 2014

We proudly announce that the Belgrade Security Forum has become one of the partners of Security Jam 2014.

The Security Jam focuses the brain power of thousands of experts around the world on key security issues. Over 60 hours and across 6 discussions forums, participants will login to a state-of-the-art online collaboration platform to discuss topics as diverse as strategic partnerships, crisis management, future capabilities and cyber-security. Experts from leading think-tanks around the world will moderate the discussions to produce top recommendations.

On October 14-16 2014, you can bring real solutions to real security issues by logging into the Security Jam and brainstorming with thousands of security experts worldwide. The Jam is organised in 6 forums: The new global balance, The EU as a global security broker, NATO’s role 2025, cyber-security and cyber-defence, Ukraine and Russia, and Syria.

For more information you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.