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Day 1

10:00 Academic Event Welcoming Speech: How Conflict Sensitive is EU Crisis Response?
10:10 Academic Event Keynote Speech: How Do We Listen To the Local In Times of Crisis?
11:00 Academic Panel 1
14:30 Academic Panel 2
16:00 Academic Event Closing Remarks
17:30 Plenary Panel 1: Balkans 2025 (Co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union)
20:00 Session 1: What is a Way Forward for Bosnia?
20:00 Session 2: The Middle East: Making Sense of a Region in Turmoil
None of above 2 sessions.

Day 2

09:00 Welcoming Speech
09:10 Grand Opening: Western Balkans and the European Union
10:45 Plenary Panel 2: Reinventing the Union (in Partnership with the European Fund for the Balkans)
13:00 Session 3: Where Is the New Phase of the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Taking Us? (In Partnership with the Council for Inclusive Governance-CIG)
13:00 Session 4: Beyond Ideology: West-Russia Relations and Political Pragmatism
None of above 2 sessions.
15:30 Methods, Career and Networking Cafe
16:00 Plenary Panel 3: The Asian Century
16:00 Session 5: Balkans 2025: What Kind of Future Can We Expect? (in Partnership with Open Society Foundation)
None of above 2 sessions.
18:15 Session 6: High Level Corruption and International Security
18:15 Session 7: Balkans 360: Reassessing German and the US Engagement in the Western Balkans (in partnership with the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, and the Balkan Trust for Democracy)
18:15 Session 8: Why More Women? (With the Support of the Swedish Institute and Canada Fund)
None of above 3 sessions.

Day 3

09:00 Session 10: Prospects for Justice and Reconciliation in Balkans (In Partnership with the King s College London, War Studies Department)
09:00 Session 11: Securing the digital transformation of the Western Balkans (in partnership with Democratic Control of Armed Forces DCAF)
09:00 Session 9: Propaganda and Disinformation: Will Technology Save Us?
None of above 3 sessions.
11:00 BSF Address: Building on Momentum in the Balkans
11:15 Plenary Panel 4: 4th Industrial Revolution
12:45 Closing Panel: Towards a Better Connected Region
13:45 Closing Address