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Dijana Vukomanović

Member of Parliament, Belgrade


Dijana VukomanovićDijana Vukomanović
holds an MA and PhD from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. She has published more than 30 analytical studies in national and international academic journals writing about political parties, nationalism and transition in post-communism. From 1992-2000 she worked in the Department for Social Sciences of the University of Belgrade, and as of 2000 she has been working as a research associate for the Department for Political Studies in Belgrade. She has been a member of the Socialistic Party of Serbia (SPS) since 1998 and has held the position of Chair of the Executive Board since 2015. Ms. Vukomanović has been a Member of Parliament since 2012 and is a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. She is also head of the Serbian Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly (PA) of the OSCE and a member of the informal ‘Green’ parliamentary group. Ms. Vukomanović speaks English.