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Moderator:Florent Marciacq

Research Director, French-Austrian Center for Rapprochement in Europe (CFA/OFZ) Vienna and University of Luxembourg


Dr. Florent Marciacq Dr. Florent Marciacq is Head of the Austro-French Centre. He is in charge of the scientific coordination of conferences and publications. A graduate from the Vienna Diplomatic Academy (MA) and the Neoma-Business School-ESC Reims (MSc), he holds a PhD in political sciences from the University of Luxembourg and Vienna. Florent Marciacq also works as an associate researcher at the chair of research for parliamentary studies at the Chamber of the Deputies of Luxembourg and he was a researcher in residence in the OSCE. An expert on the Western Balkans and European foreign and security policy, he has written a number of scientific articles and regularly publishes in the press.