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Selmo Cikotić

Faculty of Political Sciences, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Selmo Cikotić Selmo Cikotić was born on January 25, 1964, in Trpezi (Berane), Montenegro. He attended military high school, and graduated from the former Yugoslav Military Academy in Belgrade in 1986 (air defense branch). He began his professional officer career at the Air Defense School Center at Zadar. During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina he performed different military assignments, including the duty of BiH Army division commander and the BiH Army corps chief of staff.  From December 1994 until June of 1997, he served as the Defense Attaché of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the USA, in Washington DC, where he participated at the Dayton peace talks, as a military representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He then performed different duties including the position of the BiH Federation Army 1st Corps Commander, from November 2000 until April 2004. From April 2007 to February 2012 he was assigned to the position of the Defense Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina. At Sarajevo University Faculty of Political Sciences he earned the degree of Master of Science in 2004, and defended his PhD theses in security and defense in  2008.  Dr. Selmo Cikotić acted as the Dean of the American School of Government at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina during 2012. He has been teaching “National Security Policies and Strategies” and “Leadership” in postgraduate and doctoral studies at Sarajevo University, since 2009, and working as a visiting fellow at the Geneva Center for Security Policy since 2010.