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Kostis Papaioannou

Secretary General for Transparency and Human Rights of the Ministry of Justice of Greece


Kostis PapaioannouKostis Papaioannou has been the Secretary General for Human Rights at the Greek Ministry of Justice since March 2015. He has served as the President of the National Commission for Human Rights (2006-2015). He cofounded and coordinated the Racist Violence Recording Network (2011-2015). He was a board member of the Hellenic League for Human Rights (2007-2013) and Chair of the Greek section of Amnesty International (1996-2003).  He has organised training programs for trade unionists on human rights and discrimination and has worked as a tutor in seminars organised - among others - by the National School of Jurists, the Police Academy, the EU Police Force in The Balkans, the School Teachers Association (seminars included issues of racist violence, police brutality and the rule of law, human rights and peace keeping missions, human rights education, antiracist education etc). He has written “The Clean Hands of Golden Dawn, Applications of Nazi Purity”, Metaihmio ed. Athens 2013 and “Let’s Talk Openly about the Far Right”, Hellenic League for Human Rights, 2014. He holds a degree in history and archaeology and a masters degree in political science.