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Žarko Puhovski

Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb


Žarko PuhovskiŽarko Puhovski, Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb. Born in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, 1946. After his studies in Zagreb (physics and political sciences) and Frankfurt (philosophy) he was an assistant and then professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Zagreb until 2012 when he retired. Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study (Wissenschaftskolleg) in Berlin. Visiting professor at the Free University in Berlin, European University centre for Peace Studies in Stadtschlaining (Austria) and at the University of Klagenfurt; occasional lectures at universities in Berlin, London, Oxford, Budapest, Madrid, Bologna among others. Member of the Transcend network, of Advisory Panel of “The European Journal of Philosophy” and of the Standing committee on intersocietal relations of the Ethikon Institute, Los Angeles. Awarded with the European Club of Rectors Extraordinary Award for Peace and against Xenophobia 1993.

Author of numerous studies and essays and seven books (Interest and Community, 1975; Context of Culture, 1979; History and Revolution, 1980; Reason and Society, 1989; Socialist Construction of Reality, 1990; Dictionary of Basic Political Terms, 1990; Politics and Economy of Transition, 1993). Numerous articles on these items and problems connected with the post-communist transition and the post-Yugoslav wars were printed in English and German.

Žarko Puhovski was co-founder of the first alternative political movement in former Yugoslavia in the year 1988, and of the Croatian Helsinki Committee for human rights in 1993.